Carpet cleaning takes time. This requires at least three devices: a vacuum cleaner, a napkin for dusting. To bring perfect order with the help of these tools is impossible, they only reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and microorganisms. We will be given the opportunity to clean the apartment produced by a steam cleaner in order to achieve perfect cleanliness. This device was originally manufactured to disinfect hospital premises. But there are some reasons you shouldn’t steam clean carpets. Let's know why by reading posts like this.

What Is A Steam Cleaner?

A steam cleaner is a household appliance used to thoroughly clean and sterilizes various surfaces. It is a mechanism that heats water to form steam. A jet of hot air destroys dirt and oil in a matter of minutes. Steam cleaners are considered the most economical and eco-friendly cleaning equipment. The main plus is the absence of any chemicals released from the detergent.

This is because the device's scheme of action is simply to heat the water and convert it to steam. Furthermore, the high temperature kills germs and infections even in the most inaccessible places. Therefore, such a device is ideal for bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens - places where there is a large accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

How Does It Work?

The principle of operation of the steam cleaner is quite simple. First, the container is filled with the required amount of water. Powder or other detergents may be added to the water for handling heavily soiled surfaces. Connect the device to the mains. Next, press the button, thereby activating the heating element. After a few minutes, the water is heated and then turns into steam.

That's all - the steam cleaner is ready for cleaning, it remains only to start the "gun". A high-pressure steam jet will appear through the hole on the nozzle, destroying harmful bacteria in the most inaccessible places.

Why You Shouldn’t Steam Clean Carpets?

Steam cleaners have firmly entered our lives, facilitating the process of cleaning, washing, disinfecting, cleaning any heavily soiled surfaces, be it a sofa or a tiled floor. Taking care of carpets is not an easy task. Carpets specially woven, are difficult to clean with traditional methods.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and the steam cleaner is no exception. The biggest disappointment after buying a device is that it still takes an effort to clean carpets from stains and dirt and know why you shouldn’t steam clean carpets.

Does Not Clean Properly:

If you don't want to spend extra time cleaning, but want perfect cleaning and cleanliness in the house, you can think about buying a steam vacuum cleaner. These devices are much more expensive than steam cleaners but can be compared with their inefficiency, and there is no need to remove dirt and dust behind them - just rinse immediately after cleaning.

Does Not Remove Stains:

If you regularly use a steam cleaner, then the condensed dirt will not go anywhere. The tool can only soften stubborn dirt, which should then be wiped off with a damp cloth or napkin. This, in fact, is what many housewives do to achieve complete cleanliness in their homes.

Does Not Remove Dust:

Often the biggest disappointment after buying a steam cleaner is that it really needs to be cleaned. Many expect, as advertised, to press a button twice, to let off steam and the latter should magically clear the room with them. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen. When using a traditional steam cleaner (without vacuum cleaning and suction function), dust and dirt go nowhere, it is not a vacuum cleaner.

They simply soften, dissolve and disappear from sight. Therefore, after passing through the steam cleaner, you have to clean the same place again with a cloth (best of all - with a microfiber cloth) or go with a vacuum cleaner. Many enthusiastic housewives first go through the entire floor and carpets with a steam cleaner (until a noticeable trace of moisture appears), and then remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner. It is pleasant to enter such houses: enthusiasm is immediately noticeable.

Not Suitable For All Carpets:

There are many types of carpets made with different materials. There are some carpets that you can not steam clean. Steam cleaning can ruin their texture or softness. This is one of the reasons you should not use a steam cleaner to clean carpets.


With a steam cleaner, the cleaning process turns from tedious and routine to an easy and enjoyable, and most importantly, quick process. Free time, which we always lack, is a wonderful bonus for a clean and refurbished sofa! But there are many disadvantages of a steam cleaner to clean carpets that can ruin your favourite carpet.