A U.S. government organization, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, has found out which professionals drink and use drugs the most, and in which areas workers are most likely to become addicted to these harmful substances.

According to the findings, most drinkers are representatives of professions that involve hard physical labour — miners. Construction workers are the second most addicted to alcohol, followed by workers in the restaurant and hotel business.

What are the reasons for such a phenomenon and why a site safety course is so important — find the answers in today’s article.

TOP-5 Reasons Why Builders Are Addicted To Alcohol

It is clear that there is no direct connection between the profession and the drinking habits, however, there are certain factors at work that might become a catalyst for alcohol addiction.
  • Hard physical labour: One of the key drivers to alcohol addiction among construction workers is the constant physical effort. Many builders may use alcohol or other drugs to numb physical pain caused by hours of manual labour.
  • Work-related risks: Not only is the work hard, but it also involves multiple risks of falling and injuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that we see higher rates of construction workers using substances such as opioids, marijuana, and alcohol, given the labour-intensive nature of their work and high rates of injuries.
  • Stress: Builders often need to work under time pressure to make sure the projects are finished on time. Such repetitive disturbance might cause long-lasting stress and depression, which are followed by increased alcohol consumption.
  • Long workday: What adds up to hard labour, risks, and stress is the long workday. Extended shifts that are often filled with repetitive tasks may contribute to substance abuse. Workers may use drugs or alcohol to “spice up” their daily routines.
  • Mental health: Working under challenging conditions often leads to mental disorders. This does not necessarily mean that the person is not accountable for the actions, however, it increases the chance of alcohol abuse and working under the influence of different harmful substances.

How To Reduce Alcohol Addiction Among Construction Workers

One of the most effective alcohol addiction prevention methods for construction workers includes drug and alcohol awareness training, during which the employees are educated about the causes and effects of substance abuse. Cognitive-behavioural therapies help them to find out what is the reason for alcohol abuse and what risks it brings to their jobs and lives overall.

Exercise, meditation, music, and art therapy might be a great alternative stress relief method and the chance to be creative. Some individuals respond better to particular methods than others, which is why individualized care is so important.

Such methods can be used not only during after-work hours but also during business hours. It has been proven that music and regular breaks at work have positive feedback on employees' mental health.