Something which many of you may not be aware of is that after a slip or fall accident, it is not absolutely necessary to be represented by a lawyer when you make a case. In fact, it is widely considered that three in every five cases has the victim representing themselves. Studies however often cite that in cases where an expert lawyer is used, higher damages are paid and more cases are won. Washington DC slip and fall attorneys for example will be able to bring a great deal of value to a case, and here is exactly where they prove their worth.

Emotional Support

Beyond the legality and the technical advice which the lawyers are able to give, above all they can emotionally support the victim. This is a tough thing to go through no matter how severe the injuries may be, and it is why having someone on board with experience in this process is so critical. There is a lot to be said for lowering stress and anxiety levels, and this peace of mind which lawyers bring is one of the most compelling reasons to use this kind of service.

Mounting Evidence

As many of you will know, the more high-quality evidence that can be brought forward in a case, the higher the chances are of victory. There is nothing stopping an individual from seeking out this kind of evidence of course, but it will be a much more drawn-out process than if the experts do it. These lawyers work on such cases day-in and day out and they know exactly what kind of evidence to get, where to get it and how to do so efficiently.


Once the legal team of the insurers or the defendant has reviewed the case and looked at the supporting evidence, they will often make an offer so as to avoid a court case. This is usually how these kinds of situations are resolved in fact. This is where your lawyer will really come to the fore as they will have a very clear idea of what level of damages they are looking for, and how to best negotiate on your behalf. Many individuals settle at a much lower price than they should do when they are representing themselves.

Tying Up The Case

If the case does go to court then the legal team will be able to properly build the case in order to prove fault. They will gather evidence, they will coordinate with doctors and medical professionals to discuss the extent of any injuries and they will package the case perfectly for the best results. This is something which these firms do so well and it is why they win so many more cases than those who choose to be their own representation.

Whilst it may not be mandatory, it is always the best idea for victims to seek the support of a legal team after a slip or fall accident.