When it comes to tooth replacement, many people opt for dental implants due to their permanence. This is through a natural process known as Osseointegration where the metal and bone naturally fuse, appearing like normal teeth. The process entails the metal implant integrating with the jaw and bone structure. They both permanently get anchored and integrated into the bone. This natural fit is one of the main reasons why they are preferred by many.

However, there are still other viable options that you can opt for. Most of these alternatives are non-invasive and this means, unlike dental implants, you do not need to undergo surgery. They are also cheaper or more convenient to install with some such as dentures requiring you to do it yourself since they can be removed at will.  If you have minor cavities, you can get your fillings done by a Dentist in Vista. However, experts still recommend dental implants as the best tooth-replacement option due to the many advantages. If you are looking to replace a lost tooth, visit Concord Dental Implants for professional dental services.

Below we look at the various alternatives available for those who would not like to go the dental implants route:


These are removable prosthetics meant to replace missing teeth. You have probably seen an old grandma accidentally drop her teeth in a movie. Dentures are made of plastic, metal, or a mixture of two. Compared to implants and dental bridges, they are the most cost-effective solution for those looking for tooth replacement alternatives. Patients also get to choose the material they prefer depending on cost.

Dentures can either be partial or full. Partial dentures are perfect when a patient has some remaining teeth. Patients, therefore, use partial dentures to cover only the area with missing teeth. Full dentures on the other hand are used by edentulous patients. The patient in this case has no teeth and needs to replace all their teeth with removable ones.

Dental Bridges

These are used to bridge a gap resulting from missing teeth. If one or more teeth are missing and they are located adjacent to each other, a dental bridge is used to fill the gap. Compared to implants, dental bridges are more affordable hence considered a great alternative. They equally function just implants both practically and aesthetically.

Dental bridges are placed on anchor teeth otherwise known as abutments. These teeth have to be shaved to ensure the bridge gets a perfect grip and is perfectly secured. Dental bridges can be fixed or stick-on. Fixed bridges attach to already existing teeth. However, since they present an extra load on existing teeth, they do not last long with an average life span of ten to twelve years. The supporting teeth may also end up being damaged by the extra weight and from the chiselling that is performed to prepare them to take in the bridges. Stick-on, just as the name suggests, are placed on a tooth gap temporarily. They can easily be removed and are a perfect alternative if fewer teeth are missing.

Root Canal Therapy

If a tooth is damaged or infected from the root, it may be difficult to treat it. Root canal therapy literally kills the tooth. When done by experts the crown is left standing and supporting all tooth functions just like a normal tooth. Sometimes the tooth is covered by a new crown which acts as reinforcement. A root canal is not only cheaper compared to dental implants but you also get to retain your natural tooth.

You Can Leave The Tooth Gap Empty

Some people prefer to leave the missing tooth gap alone especially if the gap is not visible. This can be a perfect choice if both the upper and lower teeth are missing. However, if only one tooth is missing, there's a problem with the remaining tooth. It's important to note that since there's no tooth to grind or grip on for the remaining tooth, it tends to continue growing and may also need to be removed at some point. The gap left by a missing tooth could also cause other teeth to loosen and even shift due to the available space.

Whichever method you choose to replace a missing tooth, always remember that dental plants, albeit expensive, present a more permanent solution. They are not only easy to maintain since they are fixed on your jawbone but also make it easier to eat a variety of foods compared to dentures which are uncomfortable. Whatever option you opt for, weigh the pros and cons first putting your comfort above everything else.