Physiognomy is a study based on experience and many people believe that those with a nice demeanour are more likely to accept assistance from others, resulting in a more fortunate existence. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, your face, according to feng shui principles, is the blueprint to your destiny. Every feature, place, mark, and detail on your face is thought to have importance in Chinese geomancy, whether positive or otherwise.

Some well-known beauty gurus and celebrities are opposed to some philosophies, yet lucky symbols alone will not determine much of your life. It's also crucial how they communicate with one another. As a result, Fang opposes the use of plastic surgery to make some facial organs more "lucky." According to belief, everyone is born with a balanced yin and yang face. Changing any particular part for luckiness may throw the balance off and cause bad luck. For those born with a "non-friendly appearance," smiling more is more helpful than changing features.

If you have always been interested in Chinese physiognomy facial personality reading, CMS World Enterprise can help you get some answers. Meanwhile, below are some ways you can read people like a clock and the factors to consider:


One’s forehead apparently says a lot about one’s life! The "first prosperity mountain" of the face is the forehead, which represents luck sent from above. According to feng shui, a smooth, round, prominent, and wide forehead denotes good fortune, power, and money. There should be no wrinkles, flaws, stains, or moles on the forehead. A full forehead denotes a promising future and a prosperous career. The majority of superstars and successful business people are born with a full, smooth forehead that is free of birthmarks and scars. A woman with a full forehead is thought to portend her husband's great future and successful job.


Eyes that sparkle and are slightly wet, regardless of shape, size, or colouration, is thought to signify great fortune. Good health and prosperity are indicated by bright eyes with the clear sclera and arched, full, well-trimmed eyebrows. Eye bags or dark eye circles generate droopy and sleepy-looking eyes, which indicate a lack of vigour and energy. The appearance of double eyelids is unimportant; what matters is the radiance and vitality of the eyes themselves.


The nose has a straight bridge, a large nasal wing, and around, a fleshy apex. The nose is thought to predict wealth and luck. A successful career with few setbacks is indicated by a straight-nose bridge. The peak of a round or styliform nose conveys trustworthiness. A woman with such a nose can aid her husband's financial success. The nose is also a wealthy spot that represents one of the face's "rivers." For more wealth luck, a rounder and fleshier nose is thought to be optimal. It should be even and smooth, with no flaws or blotches.


The mouth is said to be the face's second "river." Chubbier, fuller, and rosy lips are considered auspicious in feng shui for both men and women and are supposed to attract riches. Lips should never be dry or cracked, regardless of size or shape, as this symbolizes drying of the "river" and thus loss of luck. They attract luck and fortune as long as their lips remain moist.

Chin and Jawline

The chin is the face's second "mountain." A chin that is fuller-bodied, prominent, and well-contoured is fortunate, as it represents luck and stability in later life, with supporting friends and subordinates. It's not ideal to have a sunken chin and a lacklustre jawline. A strong jawline in men is associated with a strong personality, virility, and authority, even though a receding jawline is associated with misfortune and weakness.


In Chinese physiognomy, the cheekbones are servants to the nose, and they should always be lower than the nose. If you have a Norman nose, having somewhat higher cheekbones is still a lucky symbol; otherwise, it isn't. A woman with high cheekbones is frequently thought to be self-centred and difficult to get along with, as well as dominant in a marriage and a bad spouse.

While it might be hard to imagine, learning how to read people can in fact be very efficient, whether it is in personal and professional relationships, or even for strangers. It provides a huge advantage for you and allows you to take a peek into someone’s true self.