Teaching is not only a job but it is a kind of social service. It is said that a teacher creates a good society and a good society creates a good nation. Especially in India teachers have been given a very respected name GURU which means the one who creates GURUTVA which means who gives meaning to one's life. Teaching is a process where a teacher gives shape to the talent, persona and feelings of his/her disciples or students and brings out something very special from the very common personality of his students. There was a time in India when there were Gurukul everywhere. Students used to be sent over there where they used to live till teenage and learn all the knowledge and art to live a good, healthy and great life ahead. time passed by and teaching also kept changing its phase accordingly. Teaching is a great responsibility where a teacher has to take care of a student in all possible ways and also keep a keen eye on the development of a student's knowledge and progress.


In the early days it was completely in the teacher's hand to mend the student according to his knowledge but now the scenario has changed and technology has changed a lot of things. These days teaching includes many important methodologies such as activity-based learning, active learning, teaching with pictorial representation etc.

Teaching should include a very good eye on each and every type of student in the class, so that progress of each and every student can not only be monitored but also, they can receive help from teachers in all possible ways. During the teaching process, teachers should make all possible arrangements to teach students where they can understand the topics easily. For example, if a teacher is going to teach the name of fruits and how to spell them, it is necessary that he/she should have a pictorial representation of the fruits so that students can have an image when they hear the name of the fruit and they can remember it as soon as possible. Teaching should be stressless for both teachers and students. Students have to spend 6-7 hrs a day continuously reading, studying and participating in various activities so it is necessary that teaching should be jolly and light instead of boring and lengthy.

Teacher-Student Bond:

Teaching while teaching should try to understand the mental state of the students. He/ she should not mock them anytime or should not pass sarcastic remarks and make them feel insulted. The teacher's teaching method should be so interactive and interesting that students should wait for the teacher to enter the class. When the pandemic hit the nation most of the students became very happy that they did not have to school anymore and that too for an uncertain time. This happened because our teaching system had become so boring and annoying that no student wanted to attend school anymore. Because these days teachers only focus on completing courses and apart from that if students ask repeatedly the topic or he/she is not getting the topic teachers mostly punish them, beat them etc. On the other hand, there were few such good teachers who were missed by students a lot during the pandemic and they also were so attentive to their teaching responsibility that they started online teaching, where they used to provide their content in online teaching in a more attractive way. These teachers were so bonded with their students that they learned new tech methods to teach online. They started making attractive slide shows with great content and started creating a funny and jolly atmosphere while they teach online. Students had no more fear of getting punished instead they learnt about many technical aspects of online learning and searched content regarding their study material.

Teaching Should Be Boon Not Curse:

Teaching should be boon to the students not curse as most of the teachers are doing these days. For them, it is just a mere job whereas it is a responsibility. Teachers should be affectionate enough to students to make students ask anything. A should have books related to the psychology of students of all age groups instead of sticks of various sizes to beat them. We need a nation where students should be enthusiastic to go to school and participate in various activities and should fear nothing related to school.