The 4G revolution has heralded the beginning of digital societies, and they are here to stay. Not only are digital technologies connecting people to people but also they have become instrumental in connecting consumers to products. MBA in digital marketing professionals have the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this innovation.

Now it has become more important than ever to reach customers through digital channels. Nearly 500 million Indians - nearly 40% are on the internet today and as days go by, more and more people are signing up. An MBA in digital marketing will enable you to tap into this growing market.

Given the novelty and the level of innovation taking place every day, it is undoubtedly a highly dynamic field. Due to the promising growth rate it offers, the pay is also high for professionals. The moment is ripe to step into this world and an MBA in digital marketing can help you do just that.

Change your career with an MBA in digital marketing

The bandwagon of growth

Companies in certain sectors are achieving immense growth by tapping into the digital audience. The returns are good in both the short term as well as long-term. Due to this, digital marketers are paid higher than the market average and are highly valued by organizations.

If you manage to enter this bandwagon of growth, it can do wonders for your career. With time, the market is set only to grow, as more people enter the digital world. With an MBA in digital marketing, you can jump into this bandwagon and reap the professional benefits of growth.

Highly dynamic

In terms of tools and techniques of marketing, the digital world is replete with innovations. The use of big data has taken innovation to the next level in terms of audience research for marketers. The available data is highly specific and offers details about audience segments that allow highly targeted approaches.

An MBA in Digital Marketing will let you leverage such innovation in technology to reach the target audience with your products more effectively. If you can get into a top college that exposes you to the industry, then you can quickly adapt to this dynamic field. If you want to pursue the course, make sure you choose your institute wisely.

New opportunities

In the digital world, there are new products that require dynamic marketing techniques. Starting with OTT platforms, to premium services in dating apps, the digital world constantly markets new experiences as products. Being a digital marketer, you can explore marketing opportunities for such products.

Moreover, it is widely known that the human mind can do wonders when faced with challenges. Being a digital marketer, you have the unique opportunity to set the trend with an innovation of your own. It will quickly catch up with other businesses making it a widely practiced technique in a short time.

Top 3 colleges for Digital Marketing

1. Indian Institute of Information Technology, Trichy

IIIT, Trichy offers a certificate PG program in digital marketing on their Simplilearn platform. For graduates in MBA in Marketing looking to take the digital turn, this is a highly useful short-term course. It is also useful for people with limited experience in marketing who wish to expand their horizons.

2. Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management

At Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management (CIEM), Sunstone Eduversity offers a full-time MBA program in digital marketing. With a recruiter base, this is one of the most coveted programs, as it focuses on hands-on experience with several internship opportunities. Jobs are guaranteed here as Sunstone has a 400 plus recruiter base.

3. Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Jammu

IIM Jammu offers a six months executive program in digital marketing. It is particularly useful for professionals who wish to grow their careers into the digital world. With the brand of IIM, better recruitment is almost guaranteed after completion of the course. It can add a significant edge to your career and help you explore better opportunities.


If you chose to get an MBA in Digital Marketing, the options are limited with only a few colleges offering this advanced specialization. However, you can also make a lateral entry into the domain by doing a PG certificate course after doing an MBA in Marketing. Clearly, the field is set to grow in the coming years, and any opportunity of entry in the professional world should be cherished.