Digital Clothes
Augmented reality and virtual reality is changing the world we live in. Additionally, it is changing the way we live as well. They are blurring the lines of reality and what is virtual. Whatever industries you take, the influence of new and emerging technologies can be seen. Moreover, the fact is that various industries are jumping on the augmented reality bandwagon. Consider the fashion industry. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs may be yesterday’s news, but the trend of wearing digital clothes is a new and impressive trend that appears to be more than just a fad that will die off in a few years.

Elegant Media is a well-known App developer that has worked across many industries to carve out an impressive niche in the technology sector. As a technology company that is well-versed in all things technology, remember that aspects like mobile App design are not only trendy but also very important for current day business. It is interesting to note that clothes are now made with pixels and various programs as opposed to textiles and threads. These clothes can be worn thanks to augmented reality and photos that are digitally altered. But this isn’t a new trend per se. Rather it is an old topic with a new narrative.

People on social media have been wearing filters and jewellery using augmented reality for years now. And, this just pushes the envelope on all things virtual. Moreover, the future seems to herald in the creation of something like an App prototype that will complement these digital clothes and accoutrements. In addition, if one were to hazard a guess, the truth is that there will be the introduction of a new sub-industry that would be creating businesses that will be selling digital clothes. We can already see this happening with clothes from companies like DressX.

The logic behind this new movement is that with environmental issues threatening the fashion industry today, this appears to be a trend that will give fashion a new face. The coolest thing would be to have your own digital closet. We already have various skins and dresses that you can purchase for your robot or character in an online game, and this seems to be the default today in reality. With Facebook creating its metaverse, these digital clothes will be something that you can wear in a world that is virtual and surreal to say the least. All in all, in a sense, this is progress towards a future that will be built up on a different set of realities.