While decorating a house, you will feel it incomplete without a gallery wall. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, hallways, or staircase, gallery walls add liveliness and an elegant look.

When you display artwork, prints, and photos together on a wall, they add interest and make bland space look cheerful. The vertical space is like a blank canvas on which you can fill in life by curating the gallery walls.

You can create harmony and interest in the décor scheme by injecting your personality elements. So, here are some crafty ways to curate a gallery wall in the room:

Use Consistent Colors

Are you wondering how to put unique items together in the vertical area? Well. A gallery wall is everything about explaining yourself and creativity. So, you must follow one basic design rule,i.e., use consistent colours.

So, pinpoint one décor item and use it as inspiration for your entire gallery wall display. For example, a light colour palette will include cream, yellow, or neutral art pieces.

Then, add these artworks on neutral-coloured frames to make them blend into your wall. This idea is perfect for displaying abstract art pieces while creating a gallery wall.

Follow Black and White Theme

The theme of black and white looks very classy while creating a gallery wall. Choose some of your favourite photographs with contrasting shades and get them custom printed in black and white.

To achieve a classy effect, you can also frame or get them printed on a blank canvas. This monochrome theme works exceptionally with solid colours on walls. Whatever photos you choose. This colour palette will tie all pictures together and give a modern look to the space.

Pay Homage to Past

It will help if you do not always display your photo collection representing unique or sentimental items to create a gallery wall. You can also frame concert tickets, vintage postcards, etc., representing your childhood or family to add a personal touch.

You can get these art pieces customized to create an incredible photo collage.

Make a Gallery Wall Reminding Your Travels

While designing a gallery wall, make sure that you can add more than some generic pictures. You will see this space every day. Therefore, it should have something special hung on it.

There is nothing comparable to your travel photos. So, frame your precious moments of joy and enjoyment from your visit to different places.

The Bigger Photo

Use your wall as a blank canvas and all the images as elements of large wall art. Then, put all the pieces together in specific shapes such as puzzle pieces.

For instance, use family and friends photos to create a heart shape or a home structure. This bigger picture will fit with the theme and allow you to show off your creative mind.

Try a Nautical Theme

Add something fresh and artsy. So, search for oversized paintings or opulent-looking picture frames in flea markets or online. Then, hang them on a gallery wall.

It will draw everyone's attention if you display several pictures related to the nautical theme from wall to ceiling.

Try Layered Frames

People who like minimalism can create a trendy gallery wall by layering some frames of different sizes or shapes on each other. This way, you can create a dimension as well as texture in the room.

You can even give a modern or vintage look to photos you don't like much with quality frames. For a chic look, try frames with faux finishes or shiny metallics.

Map it Out

Are you unsure of what to add in frames while creating a gallery wall? If yes, then try adding maps as they give a sophisticated look to any décor. In addition, they will show how well-travelled you are.

You can look for vintage-looking maps in flea markets, antique stores, or online. Then add them in modern frames and display them on the wall. People will surely appreciate this addition in the years ahead.

Final Words

Curate a gallery wall in such a way that it brings joy and happiness when you look at that. Include small or simple art pieces that inspire you and make your space look good.