The problem of schlepping cameras is extremely real for photographers. Most times, a standard neck strap will not be enough. A camera harness with holsters, belts, and pockets, on the other hand, can easily handle many cameras and other accessories. Vest and suspender-style harness not only give comfort and security, but they help distribute weight, preventing neck and body pains when filming for lengthy periods of time. Wearing a camera harness with a holster on a belt or on the front of a camera pack allows you to reach your camera quickly and easily while freeing up your hands to focus on other things.

Having the correct equipment and accessories may make all the difference whether you're a professional photographer, a social media influencer, or simply someone who likes capturing life's tiny moments on camera. When trekking, climbing, bicycling, or simply relaxing, the correct camera harness/strap makes it so much simpler to carry your equipment and secure it. Camera straps and harnesses are available in various forms and materials and knowing what to look for from the selection of camera chest harnesses at HoldFast Gear will help the selection process go more smoothly.

When looking for one, there are a few things to bear in mind:


Your camera is your lifeline as a photographer. Nobody likes to carry dead weight, such as damaged equipment. Not to mention the fact that repairs might be very expensive. If you let your camera hang wildly from your shoulder or around your neck, it's far more likely to shatter, especially if you're on harsh terrain. Choose a harness that allows you to safely tuck your camera inside your clothes.


We don't have to tell you how much a camera and its accompanying lens can weigh. Be careful to select a product that can sustain such a load on a daily basis. The camera chest harness should be made of rust-proof materials and robust fabric. The material matters whether you're using a complete harness, neck strap, or wrist strap. Camera straps and harnesses should be made from durable materials; fragile materials will not last long nor provide much comfort. Leather, neoprene, and polyester are some of the greatest materials to use.


After a long day of trekking, you may notice that your neck-strap affects the amount of horizon-straightening you have to do in post. And the long-term discomfort caused by a faulty strap or harness will have an impact on more than just your pictures. Aches and pains such as slipped discs and muscular spasms don't have to be the norm. When shopping for a camera chest harness, seek one that offers uniform weight distribution, secure placement, and is composed of non-chafing materials. Doctors urge that you carry your gear as close to your body as possible.

Easy Access

As you enter the meadow, you notice a deer and her fawn feeding in the grass. Even the tiniest sound might startle them. Fumbling about when you should be taking that rare photo is the last thing you want to do. Always look for a quick release and simple access in a camera chest harness.


Ensure that whichever camera-carrying device you choose (harness, holster, or go-pro adapter) is compatible with your existing gear. Here are some questions to ponder: Is it possible to use the equipment with my backpack? Is it compatible with my tripod? What about my tiny and large cameras? You'll save time and money by using cross-compatibility.

How Often Can I Change My Holdfast Gear For My Camera?

Although it is not really possible to predict how long a camera chest harness will last, at least we hope that some of our tips for when you buy the next one will prove useful in increasing its lifespan. There is no hard and fast rule or a specific time frame to change your camera's harness strap as it totally depends on what you need and the condition of your current gear. Make sure your camera harness is the proper fit for your equipment and body before buying one. Most harnesses are one-size harnesses with adjustable straps for a customized fit and are universally compatible with digital and film SLR cameras with standard 14-inch screw holes.

There are various types of camera harnesses including some that can carry one or two cameras. Others contain pockets and compartments for lens caps, memory cards, batteries, pencils, cleaning wipes, and other small items. Before purchasing a harness, think about everything you have and will require for a particular session.

At HoldFast Gear, we believe it is critical to dress for success at HoldFast Gear. When it comes to camera chest harnesses, choosing the proper one may help you appear and feel like an expert. Our products outperform the competition while also looking beautiful, allowing you to concentrate on your work rather than your gear.