When you are going to enter the Forex market with a newly created brokerage company, all the trifles do matter. With enormous competition in the industry, your business needs to introduce something new. The vast majority of newcomer brokers take into account their licenses, trading platforms, liquidity providers, and other important components. At the same, understating the meaning of a Forex CRM system is a huge mistake.

A reliable provider enables business owners to integrate an all-in-one solution that includes a CRM system, trader’s room, and back office to get the next-level controlling point and provide traders with ultimate features.

Why is such a system considered a core driving force for Forex brokerage businesses? Software impacts the following aspects:

The observation post to control your business

Your brokerage company is ready to invite traders. Is it enough? Your job is done here? Business owners understand that their brokerage businesses demand constant control, and a Forex CRM solution makes this process easy and convenient.

Brokers access the extended network of diverse reports related to trading stats, activity, and more to understand which company’s processes need immediate correction. Furthermore, reports help business owners test updates and modifications to check whether implemented changes impact a business positively or not.

What’s even more important – CRMs empower brokers to delegate diverse roles with different access levels. A high-quality solution puts your FX brokerage business in order.

Rational spending of your money

Newcomer brokers are afraid of being overrun by competitors; this is why they hire crowds of qualified specialists to control every process.

On the one hand, the approach turns out to be effective. On the other hand, there are less costly analogues. Forex CRM software is responsible for the automation of a set of inner processes, transforming your brokerage business into a huge ecosystem of interdependent components where everything functions in tight coordination.

Integration of advanced technologies

Reliable Forex CRMs enable business owners to integrate a string of next-level integrations to boost their businesses.

First and foremost, brokers may simplify the KYC procedure. Integrate the Sum-Sub provider to automate the verification process – providers check the uploaded documents and either verify clients or not, while brokers are free from such duties. The integration makes it possible not to hire professional lawyers.

Moreover, business owners may integrate security solutions, ticket systems, and payment providers. High-level systems support over 50 providers to make it easy for traders to deposit and withdraw their funds with the best-matching payment options.

Acceptance of digital assets

Some Forex brokers are still sceptical of digital currencies, while the crypto market is among the fast-growing trends.

Top-rated Forex CRM providers introduce software that unlocks access to both fiat and crypto assets, empowering traders to exchange their currencies in a few clicks. On top of a built-in exchanger, solutions maintain wallets to store fiat and digital currencies, adjusting wallets per brokers’ needs.

Multi-level referral programs

While speaking about beginner brokerage firms, referral programs are not outlined among the milestones for your business; meanwhile, successful companies always get through the walls in the search of brand-new opportunities. A referral program is the best source of additional income, and CRMs are in charge of invoices, rewards, and all the payments.

Furthermore, top-quality systems help brokers build referral programs of multi-levels (e.g., up to the 20th or 30th level).

What is the best solution to integrate?

How to start a Forex business without a comprehension of which CRM software you are going to integrate?

Look through several providers to compare conditions and packages available in the market. B2Core is the solution of the next generation that revolutionizes the understanding of CRMs designed for FX brokers.

Business owners get an all-in-one solution with an opportunity to integrate tens of external technologies and payment providers to make your brokerage company above the competition, as brokers, traders, and admins access a string of exceptionally convenient features.

B2Core is a package solution suitable for FX brokers, crypto brokerage companies, crypto exchanges, converters, and margin platforms. More than 150 businesses have already partnered with this next-level CRM solution, moving to new achievements.

CRM software is available in three packages – select among the Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise options to get a system that matches your needs totally!