Hiring commercial cleaners for your office, gym, school, or other commercial premises can be an intimidating prospect, but it is an essential part of building management. As people start to return to their workplaces, cleaning is at the forefront of many people’s minds, and finding the right commercial cleaning company for your needs is a major consideration. But what does a commercial cleaner actually do? Let us take a look at some of the most popular services offered by major commercial cleaning companies.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is the term commonly used to refer to companies that will professionally clean large commercial premises, as opposed to domestic cleaners. This is not a well-defined definition; many companies will perform domestic cleaning work as well as commercial cleaning, and there are grey areas! Most commercial cleaning companies offer a range of different services, however. Here are some of the most common services on offer from commercial cleaning firms in Sydney.

Office Cleaning

Offices are used by large numbers of people on a daily basis and therefore need a regular cleaning schedule, as dirt piles up fast from regular daily usage. Offices are often large spaces requiring a range of different cleaning methods, and companies such as Clean Group offer dedicated cleaning teams who can work together to clean every area of an office space efficiently and effectively.

Strata Cleaning

Strata buildings include offices, residential buildings, and commercial buildings and complexes, and all of these require extensive cleaning. Strata cleaning services include the removal of cobwebs, full disinfection of high contact areas such as shared light switches, and the removal of garbage and the cleaning of bins. Walls, ceilings, floors, and handrails are also cleaned, along with windows and doors, and if such things are needed, kitchens and furniture can be included as part of a strata cleaning service. Strata buildings include a wide range of areas, and strata cleaning solutions need to be broad and varied as a result.

Medical Cleaning

Medical buildings, unsurprisingly, require even more thorough and careful cleaning than other types of buildings. Regular cleaning of healthcare facilities ensures that they stay safe and germ-free for the safety of patients and staff alike. Medical centres have a high risk of cross-contamination, so all teams used for medical cleaning services are highly trained and dedicated professionals, working tirelessly to keep everything perfectly clean and decontaminated! Particularly at the moment, when healthcare facilities are stretched to their limit, it matters that you ensure that your facilities are cleaned by a thorough, reliable cleaning team that you know you can fully trust to do a proper job and not cut corners.

Gym Cleaning

Gyms can be tricky to clean, as areas full of sweat, exhalations, grime, and complex high-tech machinery are in need of thorough cleaning. That means that gym cleaners need to be skilled and highly trained, familiar with a range of equipment and how to clean it. From workout machinery to toilets and showers, everything needs cleaning in its own specific way, and a good team can cover all of those areas quickly and effectively. Mopping, deep cleaning, polishing, machine decontamination, and steaming are all important methods that can be used as part of a full gym cleaning service. One of the most important aspects that are often overlooked is the air. After everyone leaves, the air in a gym is often stuffy and sweaty, and clearing that odour can be tricky. This is why a dedicated team of specialists is useful!

Childcare Center Cleaning

Children make a mess! It is an unavoidable fact of life, and cleaning up behind them is a seemingly constant process. At the end of the day, your childcare centre probably looks like a war zone, no matter how carefully you try to clean during the day. That is where professional cleaners come into play, cleaning every inch of the building with child-safe chemicals. Many cleaning chemicals are not safe for children, so it matters that your chosen cleaning firm is equipped with the right tools for the job in order to keep the kids safe.

NDIS Cleaning Services

NDIS support workers, participants, and members often need a little extra help keeping their homes clean on a day-to-day basis. Commercial cleaners can perform a wide range of cleaning tasks in the homes of NDIS members, including cleaning, tidying, carpet cleaning, laundry, furniture cleaning, garden maintenance, and any other cleaning that can help disabled people to lead normal lives without being overwhelmed by cleaning.

School Cleaning

All children deserve a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to learn and grow. Commercial cleaners can help to provide that, cleaning everything from classrooms and offices to hallways and auditoriums. This is a huge amount of cleaning, and it takes a skilled and dedicated team of professionals to get it all done in a timely manner. Every aspect of the school needs cleaning on a regular basis, from desks to carpets to hall floors, and a dedicated team of commercial cleaners can ensure that that happens!

Green Cleaning

The environmental impact of your cleaning products should always be a concern, and any good cleaning company should be able to offer environmentally friendly, sustainable cleaning products and methods for all types of cleaning. Eco-friendly cleaning materials are increasingly easy to find, and in 2021 there is no excuse for causing more environmental harm than necessary!


Above, we have discussed the most important services offered by commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. There are many more flexible options that can be customized to fit your needs, however. If you are looking for a bespoke cleaning service, visit Clean Group now to start your inquiries and get a quote! Hiring professional commercial cleaners does not have to be a difficult process, and Clean Group is here to help you to simplify your life as much as possible. No matter what you are looking for, it should be possible to arrange a perfectly customized bespoke cleaning service to help get your premises into the best condition you have ever seen!