Being here on this site means you're wondering which to take between an SUV and a sedan. Don't worry because you're at the right place. This article will highlight the significant differences between the vehicle types and will outline the pros and cons of each to help you decide which vehicle works best for you.

What's An SUV?

SUV is an abbreviation for a sport utility vehicle. The SUV was formally considered the best option for large families. SUVs like Mitsubishi Outlander and others are prevalent in most households because of their broad functionality and utility.

The SUV is an umbrella term that typically covers vehicles with high clearance and four-wheel drive. SUVs are also famous for their off-road capabilities and their large carrying capacity. While SUVs are usually considered big vehicles, the term can also refer to smaller ones like crossover SUVs.

What's A Sedan?

A sedan or saloon is a vehicle body style of passenger cars with two or four doors and a three-compartment design for the engine, passengers, and cargo. SUVs such as GAC Motor GS3 Power Sedans typically have a closed body and a boot that’s separated from the part in which the driver and passenger seats. They can either be mid-size or small and may not have four-wheel drive or off-road capabilities.

Differences Between An SUV And A Sedan

The main difference between SUVs and sedans is that SUVs are traditionally based on trucks, while sedans are based on cars. In the case of SUVs, the vehicles now have a crossover style, combining design elements of the traditional SUV and cars. Crossovers, however, also differ from sedans in that they have higher ground clearance and more towing capabilities.

Pros And Cons Of SUVs

Here are some advantages of SUVs:
  • They typically have higher ground clearance that offers better visibility and terrane manoeuvring.
  • They usually have a four-wheel drive (4WD) or an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option.
  • They often have a heavier build, which means they're less prone to severe damage in an accident.
  • They have more cargo and passenger space.
  • They have more power and towing ability.
  • They have more legroom.
Here are some disadvantages of SUVs:
  • Because they're bigger than sedans, they can be harder to manoeuvre in tight spaces.
  • Some models aren’t fuel-efficient.
  • The cars' high ground clearance and weight can make them prone to rollover accidents.
  • The typical hatchback design of most SUVs means anything you store in the cargo compartment may be seen, making it vulnerable to thieves.
  • They can be more expensive than sedans.

Pros And Cons Of Sedans

Here are some advantages of sedans:
  • Their closed cargo compartment or trunk design makes them safer for storage.
  • They typically have more fuel-efficient options than SUVs.
  • They're easier to manoeuvre in tight areas.
  • They have many affordable options.
  • They're pretty easy to drive.
Here are some disadvantages of sedans:
  • They have very little or no towing ability.
  • They have limited passage and cargo space.
  • They have limited ground clearance.

Drivability: Sedan Vs SUV

Sedans tend to be easier to drive than SUVs. They're lighter and can make quick manoeuvres with reasonable stability. They're also easier to move in tight spaces, narrow streets, and parking lots. On the other hand, SUVs sit higher, allowing more visibility. Also, many SUVs have AWD or 4WD, which improves their traction on wet roads. If you live in areas with potholes and uneven roads, you may find driving an SUV easier.

Are SUVs Safer Than Sedans?

When it comes to safety, the SUV versus sedan verdict varies. SUVs are built more robust, which may reduce their damage in an accident. On the other hand, sedans are easy to manoeuvre, which could reduce the risk of an accident. It's important to note that both have modern safety features.

The Verdict

SUVs have a go-anywhere appeal, more towing capacity, and spacious interiors for people and cargo. They can, however, be more expensive than sedans. If your lifestyle takes you to different types of roads and terrains, the SUV is better for you. It offers better comfort and safety for off-road travel and has a better carrying capacity.

If, on the other hand, you're more of a city person with no family, then you may find sedans a better option. They're cheaper to run and can get anywhere. What's more, they're easier to park.

As to whether SUVs are better than sedans, it depends on what you call better. On many roads, SUVs have better capabilities, functionality, and adaptability. All this could, however, come at a slightly higher running cost and lower gas mileage.