In this current era, if there is anyone platform or hobby booming, it is undoubtedly gaming. Especially in the recent past, during the pandemic, which forced us to stay in our homes, we saw a sudden rise in the gaming sector. Why not? It is a fun and great time kill. Out of all the gaming consoles, if we say the PS4 was at another level, it won't be wrong.

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are interested in gaming and probably know what PS4 is. However, if you do not know what a PS4 is- we are here to help you.

PS4 is basically a gaming console with great quality games and an exquisite experience. PlayStations come with some unique features that enhance the gaming experience especially, the PlayStation cameras. There are a lot of other features along with the PS4 cameras, the details about these features are mentioned below:-

Special Features about the PS4

1) PS4 Camera:

The PS4 camera has taken the console beyond everyone's expectations. The camera was earlier designed for PS3, but it was later launched the day after the PS4 launch; with an enhanced look. If we explain what the PS4 camera does, in simple words, it captures your video while you play the game. However, it does not stop here. There are further added features you can avail of from the PS4 camera. Like facial recognition, voice commands, motion tracking, VR integration, built-in microphone and much more. Playing games with the PS4 camera attached takes your gaming experience at par.

2) Resolution:

If there is one thing that a gamer won't compromise in today's time, it would be the resolution. Ps4 game's resolution ranges from 1080p to 1440p which is an excellent quality resolution. Not to forget, PS4 has some enhanced upscaling techniques that can increase a game's resolution to 4k, which is heaven for any gamer.

3) Graphics:

What makes PS4 better than any other gaming console is definitely its graphics. The new updates have made the focus sharper, which benefits distant background objects providing a great viewing experience. Other than that, PS4 makes pictures appear with rounded corners, which turn out to look smoother and realistic to a level that it's hard to believe that it's a game.

4) Environment:

PS4 games have vivid textures, which mean that it realistically shows the minor details in the game. It includes textures on characters' clothes, rusting on different vehicles and minor details like that. PS4 also enables darker shadows, making the characters and the background more prominent, resulting in a beautiful viewing and playing experience. We should not forget to mention the HDR of PS4. HDR settles the light and the brightness levels in the games. It makes the colours of the game pop out and enhances the experience.


To conclude everything that has been stated so far, it is clear that PS4 is one of those consoles in the current times that gamers prefer over others. The reasons for that are clearly mentioned. PS4 not just brings you exceptional games but also provides you with features that no other gaming console provides, not to forget the PS4 camera that just elevates the gaming level.