It’s always nice to save on everyday essentials. Most freelancers know that hardware requires a larger investment. However, if the timing is right and you find a discount website, it’s possible to acquire hardware for less.
9 Discount Websites

Saving money never goes out of style, especially as a freelancer.

The following are nine discount websites that all contractors should bookmark.


Craigslist got its start in Northern California as an email list service. It highlighted events happening in San Francisco. Since it found itself on the cutting edge of something new, the site expanded quickly in the United States and the world.

In 2021, the website offers valuable resources and discount information for independent contractors. If you’re looking for a gig or job, navigate to the right location. Plus, you’ll find what’s for sale locally and available services.

In many ways, is an oldy, but goody.


Newegg focuses on selling computer hardware and consumer electronics. Since it has no store-front, the site offers customers attractive discounts.

Founded in 2001, the site operates in Southern California. It takes pride in revolutionizing the build your computer movement. The site provides daily deals on an array of products such as wireless earbuds, computer monitors, and video cards.


Groupon is another discount website that has evolved. It started by offering discounts on local experiences such as spas, entertainment events, and restaurants.

It added to its services by offering heavy discounts on home products, fashion, and beauty.

The site provides a great way to try before you buy services. You can find your new favorite aesthetician, dentist, or cafe by purchasing some vouchers.


Different freelancers work in different ways. Some contractors face clients daily. Others work from the comfort of their home and attend the occasional meeting over video conferencing.

Stitch Fix is a great discount website to bookmark. It’s a subscription service that helps you remain well-dressed for video meetings, in-person meetings, and lunch with the staff.

As a freelancer, it’s important to make a good impression. Keeping a couple of professional outfits from your favorite brands at a discount in your closet is a solid move.


Freelancers work on their schedules. In many ways, contractors spend more time working. Therefore, it’s tough to complete tasks outside of work, such as searching for discounts on everyday essentials.

Gigly aggregates everyday discounts for the busy freelancer, from office supplies to car rentals. Check it out!


Amazon started a resource for college students. As the cost of textbooks rose, Amazon made it easy for students to purchase and sell their used books. The market took off and the retailer expanded into other categories such as fashion, housewares, and electronics.

The discount online retailer is a great catch-all. If you can’t find something on a niche discount website, you might find it on Amazon.


Overstock received a reputation for selling discounted furniture items. However, its founders point out that they offer more. On their website, freelancers will find home decor, bedding, bath, and dining items at a discount.


Freelancers travel too. For discounted and last-minute travel, is a go-to for industry insiders. The site is user-friendly. If you plan to travel for pleasure, the site groups vacation ideas.

They also highlight current deals, hotels, and accommodation alternatives such as homes and apartments.

Book flights, flight and hotel accommodations plus car rentals, attractions, and airport taxis from the site at discounted and attractive rates.


In many respects, PayPal is the reason why companies started to confidently hire freelancers. It is possible to pay contractors digitally and easily. Thus increasing the credibility of contractors.

An innovator in its own right, PayPal has expanded into the discounts and rewards space. When you hook up your rewards accounts to your PayPal account, you receive cashback and attractive discounts. Simply pay through the payment processor.


By bookmarking the discounts sites, you always have them handy. Whether you’re in the market for a new laptop, in need of a spa day, or a new outfit, bookmarking a variety from different categories is a good start. Thereafter you’ll find your favorites.