Moscow Mule
If you are looking for an interesting classic drink to add to your list of cocktails to try, then look no further than the tasty Moscow Mule. As a long-time favorite among countless alcohol fans, you can order the traditional recipe the next time that you are at the bar, or you can try one of the many new twists that are out there.

Whatever you choose to do, it is worth trying some variation of this beloved beverage. For those who are still unconvinced, there are numerous reasons to give Moscow Mules a try. For eight of the top ones, consider this list.

1. The Cool Cup

Without a doubt, the single most amazing part of the Moscow Mule is its undeniably fashionable cup. With a cool copper finish and rugged and rustic design, it surpasses the style of most other cocktails. Who can deny the coolness of this drink's presentation? (No one. The answer is no one.)

2. The Ginger Beer

Another thing that sets the Moscow Mule apart from other top drinks is the fact that it contains a lesser-loved adult beverage; one of its primary ingredients is ginger beer. If you are like most drinkers, you may not like ginger beer. A Moscow Mule can give you a renewed appreciation for it.

3. The Weather

Some drinks are good in summer and others are better for winter. Think about hot coffee drinks or fruity margaritas. Do you really want to sip the warm ones in July or the cold ones in January? When it comes to the Moscow Mule, however, this drink works for any season, rain, snow or sunshine.

4. The Taste

When it comes to alcohol, most people choose their favorites based at least partially on the taste. For Moscow Mules, this is another major plus. If you love the smooth blend of vodka mixed with a kick of lime and ginger, you will fall in love with this drink for sure.

5. The Simplicity

Sometimes, no one has time to make anything fancy. Plus, even if they do have the time, no one wants to run to the store. This is undoubtedly another reason to love this drink. With only a few simple ingredients that most people have at home, it is an easy and satisfying choice.

6. The Consistency

Again, the Moscow Mule is a classic. As such, it is going to be extremely rare to encounter a bar in the United States that does not have the perfect ingredients to make a mixed drink that tastes exactly as delicious as the one you had in a dive bar on the other side of the country.

7. The History

Calling all history buffs! Another cool thing about the Moscow Mule is its history. According to some historians, the drink does originate from a Russian immigrant to the U.S., but according to other stories, it was the result of bartenders' need to use ginger beer and vodka in the 1940s. No one knows for sure!

8. The Potential Health Benefits

This goes back to the lime, but another reason to enjoy this tasty drink is for its potential health benefits. Although most people do not associate drinking liquor with practicing wellness, there is undoubtedly some Vitamin C in the lime.

Well, there you have it. You have no other option but to try one of these delicious adult beverages. Whether you do it for the cool cup, the potential Vitamin C boost or just because it sounds really tasty, a Moscow Mule can make an excellent addition to your cocktail recipe list. Make sure you serve it at your next party!