The workday can seem to drag on and on if you don’t use your time wisely.

Then the resulting extra-long day of playing catch-up cuts into your free time.

It’s essential to have a work-life balance so you can recharge for the next workday and spend quality time with those you love. Some of the best family time happens around the dinner table.

So, how can you ensure that you make it for this daily event?

Here’s how:

1. Focus on Your Top Three

On any given workday, you will have high-priority tasks and low-priority tasks. The most important tasks need to get done, or your job will be at risk.

So, select the three most crucial tasks that need doing that day and start there. If you complete the most important thing as soon as you get to work, you'll feel accomplished and have the momentum to keep going.

Now, the most important things are usually the most taxing. So you need to take breaks from the big tasks to complete minor tasks when you get burned out.

It helps to have a list of small tasks and a list of larger ones to complete each day. Break up your workday into sets of longer work sessions followed by short breaks (either working breaks or actual downtime).

This tactic of tackling the top three tasks as a priority with filler tasks in between can help your day be more productive than you could ever expect.

2. Know Your Weakness

We all have a particular distraction that gets us every time. Be honest with yourself, figure out what you waste your time on, and cut it out.

Is your weakness social media? Youtube cat videos? Checking the latest sports scores?

If these are draining your time at work, try setting time limits on your phone that control your app usage. There are plenty of apps that can help with that.

You can set it by the time of day, and you can also set it by the amount of time each day. This can help you to save those wasted minutes and get more done each workday.

3. Learn to Say No

It may be hard to believe, but you can be a good person without doing everyone else’s job.

You need to learn to stand up for your time when your job is on the line.

Do you consider this to be a common issue for you?

It can be difficult to say no. Read this great article on how to do it effectively and politely.

Sure, there’s no harm in helping out those who genuinely need it. It shows you are a good team player. However, there’s a difference between teamwork and doing the work of the whole team.

It's also important to ensure you don’t allow someone to guilt-trip you into staying late at work — this includes your boss.

It may be hard to stand up to your boss. That’s understandable. Read some tips for how (and when) to do it here.

4. Learn to Ask for Help

When it comes to helping, the opposite is true too. You can ask for assistance and still be a good worker.

As soon as you recognize that you are getting behind, it's a good idea to bring in outside help to ensure that the job still gets done.

At the end of the day, all the company that hired you cares about is if you help or hinder their company goals. At times, this could require extra help.

5. Prioritize Health

Even if you need to stop working for a moment, prioritizing your health is not a waste of time.

Eat Healthy Food

Make sure you eat enough throughout the day. Food is fuel for more productivity.

In fact, food fuels, not just the body but also the brain. Of course, the quality of your food is just as important as the quantity.

Eating a bunch of junk food all day won’t help your concentration or keep your energy levels up. In fact, too much junk food can cause the opposite.

Junk food can make you more impatient, anxious, and hyperactive while decreasing your learning capabilities and ruining your mood.

This list of healthy foods is a better pool of foods to choose from.

Take Breaks

Take quick stretch breaks throughout the day as well. Staying in one position will cause long-term damage to your spine, hips, and other joints.

Don’t forget to take brain breaks too! Your concentration abilities will begin to dwindle if you don’t allow your brain to stop and refresh itself.

How can you do that?

Get Quality Sleep

You should get enough sleep every night — no one is productive without a proper night’s sleep.

Doctors recommend seven to nine hours of sleep each night, but few people can consistently meet those hours each night.

Some ways you can make it easier to sleep are:

Keep your room clean, cool, and dark
Turn off all electronics at least an hour before you plan on falling asleep
Don’t eat right before bed


Organizing your workday to be more productive can help you save time and energy and have more downtime with the fam.

These five daily work habits can help you get more done at work every day. Not only will that leave you with more free time but you’ll also look good in front of the boss.

Who knows?
A raise or promotion may be in your future!

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