Globalization has made communication very easy across the globe. If you make international calls often, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) comes in handy to ensure you stay connected to overseas customers, suppliers, partners, employees through enhanced and seamless calling through the internet.

Cloud VoIP services facilitate the seamless routing of business calls through the internet. These cloud VoIP systems incorporate high-tech features like auto-attendant, call recording, video conferencing, and long-distance calling. Cloud-based phone systems disintegrate your voice into small digital packets transmitted as data over the internet to the call recipient. Below are five of the best and most common VoIP service providers for low-cost international calling in 2024.

Cleod9 VoIP

Cleod9 offers a low international calling cost by having its PBX systems hosted in the clouds rather than on-site controlled systems that are managed remotely. This reduces the company’s expenditure enabling affordability of their services. Presence and availability characteristics not included in the off-the-shelf VoIP hardware are ensured by integrating a VoIP phone system with any business office phone. With their cloud VoIP services, you can easily access your office phone from any web-connected device with their unique “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy, especially when working online. They have developed mobile apps that enable you to do the same from your phone. Learn more about Does a Small Business Need VoIP Service?

The company’s unique services help your workforce connect across the shared network from anywhere. The PBX system is scalable, flexible, and easily incorporated into any company’s technology. This encourages the transition from analogue phone lines to VoIP since the implementation is very cost-effective with a suitable price range for any budget. Cleod9 voice products are designed to be regularly updated over time to meet any changes in technology with a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase and are available for hire or purchase.

8x8 X Series

The company’s systems are easy to manage and manipulate, ranking high among SMEs accommodating various budgets. They offer support services like video conferencing and live chat, unlimited voice calling to 14 countries, SMEs integrations, fax, and cloud phone. Businesses are connected through an app that can be downloaded on mobile or desktops and even personal computers. The apps help access 8*8 series products after signing up. They charge from $12 per user per month. 
The first month is normally a non-committal free trial.
The 8x8 series is highly responsive, ensuring high voice call quality and reliability, guaranteeing consistent end-user experience over unstable networks managed with an end-to-end 99.999% SLA system that incorporates both uptime and call quality. A business that makes many international calls is advised to go for one of the advanced plans by 8x8 series. The *2 plan costs $24/user/month with unlimited voice calling to 14 countries and improved video and audio conferencing through the app. The *4costs $44/user/month with unlimited voice calling to 47 countries and in-depth supervisor analytics.


RingCentral offers unlimited calling to the US and Canada with very affordable dialling rates of less than one cent per minute. Some of the plans include toll-free minutes, depending on the plan you choose. You can select the global office plan they offer at $4.99/month per user. They also have a feature to ensure your globalized workforce access advanced phone features from one phone system. The plan comes with 1,000 minutes per user, per month of international calling credits over unlimited US, Canada, and extension-to-extension calling. It supports live chat, support case, and app integration.


Vonage has a big reputation for high-quality global calling services at exemplary low rates. Entrepreneurs can enjoy the overseas feature rate without subscribing to an additional international plan. Combined communication, research for solutions based on industry, quality of service, and integration are among services offered by Vonage. Its local users enjoy plans like Vonage North America, Vonage World, Vonage US, and Canada 400. Vonage provides a free phone adapter, free shipping, and activation to ensure low international calling costs. They also allow you to keep your existing phone number.


Ooma is one of the leading state-of-the-art VoIP providers based in Silicon Valley. They provide services to homes, businesses and also provide smart security systems. PCMag acknowledged Ooma as the leading VoIP Provider for SMEs due to its low calling rates. Rates to countries like Canada, China, Mexico, and the United Kingdom cost less per minute with crystal-clear voice quality. It charges $19.99 per user supporting video conferencing and live chat.

Most SMEs have embraced a proper international communication system as this helps provide seamless communication. Most organizations solicit services from companies that offer the best VoIP services at the lowest cost to maximize profits as their expenses are cut. The above list provides some of the service providers.