Do you get confused when you see so many weed strains? There are so many weed strains that are available in the market. But, do you know about them? Their usefulness? Every weed strain has its distinctive features. You can use them as per your desires. The global cannabis industry became so popular. The consumption of weed among adults has increased. The reason behind its popularity is the enormous health benefits offered by the weeds.

From much research, it is substantiated that cannabis plants are beneficial in the medication of many ailments. And, if you are planning to use cannabis as known as weed, it is essential to know about the strains. Being aware of the effects and side effects can also come in handy.

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Types of weed strains

Before we study the various types of weed strains, it is vital to understand the strains. What are the different weed strains? Do they have specialized effects? Yes, different weed strains have specialized effects. And they are divided into three main types, namely induce, Sativa and hybrid.

Induce originates from the northern mountains of India. They are known for their alluring effect. Sativa has more energizing effects. The hybrid is in between the two weed varieties.

These three kinds of weeds are further divided into sub-strains. Each strain has different properties and functions.

You should always purchase strains from quality sources to get the most out of them.

How to choose a strain?

Whenever you open any website, you can find several types of strains. Is it easy to choose one? Presumably not.

The strains you select must be according to your need. For example, some strains are more suitable to cure pain and inflammation than others.

Before buying any weed strain, it is also worth researching its side effects. Popularly reported side effects to include:
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhoea
It is also advisable to discuss the dosage with your doctor as different bodies react to weed differently. And do not ignore the side effects.

Different types of strains

According to the market, these are some of the popular weed strains. Let us know about them in detail.
  • Acapulco Gold- They originate from Mexico. It is known to be the highest praised strain of weed. It gives a euphoria-inducing energizing outcome. It is ascertained to be helpful in nausea, fatigue, and stress.
  • Blue Dream- This strain is helpful to give a soothing and relaxing experience. It is not a sedative that makes this strain perfect. It can be valuable for people who have insomnia. Moreover, it gives a feeling of euphoria and lifts the mood.
  • Purple Kush- It is another popular strain of weed. It helps to provide a happy, peaceful and sleepy mood. It is also used in reducing pain and muscle sprain. Also, useful in insomnia.
  • Sour diesel- This strain is highly energizing and mood-lifting. It helps you to provide highly productive energy. It is often used for a person suffering from depression.
  • Bubba kush- This one is also a relaxing strain, very much applicable in sleeplessness. Also, it assists in reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Granddaddy purple- This one is a very comforting strain. It is highly applicable in stress-reducing and pain-relieving. It is also helpful in increasing hunger, in case you are suffering from loss of appetite.
  • Afghan Kush- This weed strain is obtained from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It is a super relaxing strain. It is also advantageous if you use it in case of inadequacy of appetite.
  • LA confidential- This is another relaxing and mild strain. It is advantageous for people who have insomnia. It is popular among people having chronic pain as it has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Maui wowie- This strain helps you to feel relaxed. The most iconic thing about this strain is it boosts your creativity. It is tremendous for the time you have to perform highly productively.
  • Golden Goat- This strain also helps you to be extra creative. It is incredible for reducing fatigue and lifts your mood.
  • White Widow- White widow is like all in one kind of strain. This one is popular among users. It lifts your mood, calms your body, and gives you a feeling of relaxation all at once. It is also beneficial for people with anxiety and depression.
  • Northern Lights- This is a good quality of the strain. It helps in relaxing the body and fighting insomnia. Also, helpful in reducing stress and pain.
  • Fruity pebbles- This weed strain is associated with relaxation and euphoria. It helps users to feel happy. Also, increase the appetite.

Side effects of weed strains

Knowing about the weed strains and their benefits is also crucial to comprehend their side effects. Different weed strains contain different amounts of THC along with some other active compounds.

Side- effects are mostly dosage-dependent. Hence, it is advisable to use these strains after consulting your doctor. Some of the common side effects are:
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Coughing
  • Hallucination
  • Altered sense of time
  • Dizziness
  • High blood pressure
  • Impaired memory
It is always good to discuss your CBD strain and its dosage with a healthcare expert to avoid unfavourable circumstances.

Final words

Weed obtained from Cannabis Sativa plants. It came in different varieties of strains. Each one has its benefits. It is very much valuable for many medical conditions. But, the overdosage of these weed strains causes some side effects. Sometimes the side effects became lethal. We always recommend taking advice from an expert before using these strains. In case you notice any side effects after using it, consult your doctor as soon as possible.