If you need a concrete contractor, Fort Worth has plenty to offer. But hiring the first one you speak with is never wise. Depending on your needs, a standard contractor might not provide you with the services your project requires. Getting to know your options will go a long way in helping you find a great concrete contractor who can assist you ideally. Click here for more info about a concrete contractor.

But how can you discern whether or not the contractor you are speaking with is good at his job? There are a few things you can check. Some of these can be done quickly with a phone or a computer, while the others may require you actually talk to the contractor and a few of your combined contacts. These are guaranteed to help you gauge the capacity of your candidates and will make choosing one easier in the long run.


Hit the internet (or the yellow pages, or both) first, and come up with a list of potential candidates. If you live with or near family, you can also ask them for referrals. San Luis Obispo Concrete subcontractor has social media, a website, or both that can help them get in touch with potential clients easily. And referrals can also be a great option since these are already first-hand accounts of contractors who’ve done a job well enough to get other people to hawk their business.

Contact your candidates

Give your options a call to discuss your project. This will help you get a feel for the concrete company. How they handle your call and what options they offer as a follow-up can tell you much about the contractor. Friendly contractors who are easy to get along with can indicate somebody willing to work with you through potential issues throughout the project. On the other hand, contractors who could be more communicative in the initial process might be more challenging to work with.

Get more than one quote.

But don’t go for the lowest bidder. Getting multiple quotes gives you a ballpark of your project's cost and allows you to gauge your budget. You may be inclined to go with the lowest bidders but watch out. Cheaper contractors might mean you are hiring a concrete contractor who is cutting corners. Whether this is by using sub-par material or skimping on project insurance doesn’t matter since this will still potentially put you in a difficult position later.

Check their referrals

You should have narrowed down your options to a good few. Ask if you're shortlisted
for their references. After all, if they’re concrete contractors in Fort Worth, they should have a few previous clients who could give you a first-hand report of their experience with your contractor. Note that even if you received referrals from your friends and families, it would be best to get a few other referrals from people who aren’t in your social circles.

Check their products and services.

You may opt to do this step before checking their referrals. Find out what your shortlisted contractors have to offer. After all, you want to focus on contractors who are accomplished in working on similar projects to yours. This will ensure that you don’t waste time on contractors who might be unable to efficiently do the job you need them to accomplish.

Find out if they have the proper licenses.

Texas requires concrete contractors to have a license to construct and repair some concrete structures, but not all. Find out if the contractor has the permit needed to accomplish your project since this means the contractor is board-accredited and recognized as a bona fide concrete contractor in the state.

Find out if they have insurance.

For that matter, check if they have contractor insurance. This will keep you from being liable for any workplace accidents or issues during the project proper. This doesn’t just keep you safe, however; it also shows you that your contractor candidate is willing to take responsibility for their work.

Get everything in writing.

Write everything down. Contractors can easily miss something you may have discussed during your initial meeting, and you might be in a pickle if you don’t have proof of your request in writing. This will protect both you and the contractor from future issues.

And if you need a reliable concrete contractor, Fort Worth is a great option to add to your list. They will be happy to give you a free estimate for your project so that you can gauge its potential cost. Give them a call today and find out what one of Fort Worth’s best has to offer.