Here is the beginner's guide for you to know how to survive in Rust; the game can be difficult for the new players, and the reason behind it is its steep learning curve. The game has multiple niches inside itself, like building and electrical systems, appealing to many players versus PVP systems.

It can be interesting for people to have a well-rounded knowledge about whether you appreciate it or not; there will be many concurrent systems around you all the time.

Having a sharp edge that can allow you to survive the world of Rust. Let's have a look at the below guide for surviving: 

  • Choose the right server: The very first step is to look for a server as there are many to choose from. You can try choosing a mobile service that has a vanilla tag and softcore mode. The softcore mode will make it so that you can respawn in your safe zone and reclaim half of the items upon death. Here you should note that servers usually wipe on every month first Thursday; keep this in mind before starting playing. Afterwards, it can be disappointing to check on your return that all your hard work is wiped clean. You can always create your own if you are never satisfied. It's a great idea to choose the server with the lowest count of players, which will make it easier for you to learn the game. And even you can hop in the PVE server but know it can detract from the game's main theme.
  • Always hit the right spot for gathering stone and wood for getting more: Once you have created the first spawn point, you can start gathering wood and stone by hitting trees and various large boulders via rock. You also need the materials for building the first customized tools, the Pickaxe, and Hatchet. Also, gathering resources with the rock is lengthy and also a dangerous procedure. To make it fast, try to hit the X red, and it will appear on the trees. If you can hit X with the rock, you will get a lot of wood every hit. It goes from the sparkle appearing on the boulder to getting more stone. To win the game over, you can look for cheats on the internet. Many resourceful websites are offering PUBG cheats and similarly for the other games too. 
  • Keep a check on food: Hunger can reach you faster than you have ever thought, making it important to keep your keen eye on the food for eating as death by starvation can be a beginner's mistake. There are plants and animals that you can eat, but you can look for chickens as they are much easier to kill and consume. Other animals can end up killing you, so it is best to start avoiding them. You can forage in the forest and interact with the plants or even find boxes and crates along the road. 
  • Simple Base: You here start building the base as soon as possible but do not have to be fancy. You want an enclosed building consisting of a ceiling fan, walls, foundation, and door. You can also start with the twigs; you can look for upgrading as soon as possible to stone or wood as the material can be brought down via players. It is quite important for creating locks. Always be mindful of choosing to build the base; you should also aim to stay out of the population-filled areas and snow and desert climates. Forest is one of the best spots as it can provide you with the trees and resources that offer covering for hiding the base for opponents. 
  • Never trust anyone: It is quite fun to start jumping in and making new friends, but the chances are that if you are meeting any random people, they will kill you. You only have a rock and torch, but it doesn't matter. Players are best known for stripping the inventory and approaching the bases to scout the base to prepare for the raid.