Many struggles to lose stubborn weight from their FUPA (fat upper pubic area). It can be one of the hardest places on the body to tackle, but if you’re consistent with exercise and diet, there is hope. Whether you prefer working out in the gym or at home, there are an array of exercises you can do to target your belly area, essentially focusing on core and abs. Here are some ways to help you lose that FUPA.

The best machines to use to lose FUPA fat

Using exercise machines will help you tone up and get rid of that FUPA fat in no time. You will need to integrate cardio into your daily routine if you want to focus on losing belly fat, and one of the best machines for this is a stepper exercise machine. It imitates walking upstairs and therefore will not only tone your belly but your legs and core at the same time. Luckily, this machine can be used from the comfort of your own home and offers a low impact workout, you will need to use it along with other machines/ exercises if you want to tone up quickly.

Another low impact, yet effective cardio machine to help you lose belly fat is the cross-trainer. If you have never used this one before, it’s easy to pick up the pedalling and you can adjust the levels to what you feel comfortable with. Again, most gyms have cross trainers and they’re also known as elliptical trainers. Lose some belly fat and tone up your legs and bum while you’re at it!

The treadmill is also a viable option to target that belly bulge; you can change the level on this machine, and it’s recommended to try interval training to break a sweat. This would most likely only be a suitable machine for those who enjoy running and don’t have delicate or injured joints. You may not fancy signing up to the gym, so an alternative is to buy a treadmill online, but bear in mind they aren’t the smallest machines. You will need space in your house and someone strong to help you bring the treadmill into the room you’ll be using it in.

The most helpful exercises to lose FUPA fat

Maybe you don’t fancy the gym, or don’t have a budget for exercise machines at the moment? You can still find some fitness workouts on YouTube that focus on losing belly fat. Some particularly popular exercises are crunches, the plank, mountain climbers and burpees. However, you must remember it isn’t just about exercise when it comes to losing weight, especially belly fat, you will need to be eating more fibre and making sure you don’t drink sugary drinks or eat too many refined carbs. If you don’t focus on your diet, as well as exercise then it is very unlikely you will see any progress.

You won’t be stuck for exercises when it comes to tackling that FUPA fat, so there are no excuses! If you don’t have a gym membership or machines at home, there is still no excuse as all you need is a mat and some water to get started with home workouts.