Being an artist is not easy. And even if you dare to become one, getting people to know you is the toughest part. Below are some points on how to launch yourself as a singer to guide you through your journey of being a singer.

1. PREPARE AND PRACTICE – Every type of art requires months and years of practice. Before you launch yourself as a singer make sure you prepare yourself for a public appearance, physically or digitally. Learn basic singing lessons online. Practice your songs so well that you feel confident while you perform in front of a large audience. Even if you’re performing in front of three-four professionals, you should be confident enough to sell your singing skills.

2. NETWORKING – You can’t expect a record label to come to you and ask you to join them until and unless you get viral by some miracle. You have to reach out to them on your own. This is possible only by networking. It’s the most powerful tool to get in touch with your dream record label. Use digital platforms like Instagram, Mail or LinkedIn. Follow the record label and all the information that they post on their social media handles. You might be able to grab an opportunity to get in touch with them.

3. SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT – Don’t be shy to perform in front of friends and family or sometimes even in front of strangers. Never lose an opportunity to present your talent in school competitions or outside school competitions or college fests, etc. You never know when your music can touch someone and can make you big in the industry. Make song covers and tag the original singer. If you get noticed, you can get a break without much hassle.

4. CONNECT AND COLLABORATE – Connect with other singers like you who are just beginning their journey. Collaborate with them on Instagram and YouTube. In this way, you can get their audience and they can get yours. Try to collaborate with singers who are more experienced.In this way, you can get the right guidance and the audience. It is one of the best methods to get popular digitally.

5. USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO THE FULLEST – The most powerful tool right now is social media. It can make you zero to hero. Most singers who have just begun their journey use social media to make themselves and their talent viral. Create short video content like reels and tik toks and long video content like IGTV or YouTube videos, share your journey and experiences, collaborate with fellow singers. You will notice drastic growth in your audience if you do it the right way.


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