Alongside a wide selection of goods, the digital era brought more demanding customers. Present-day businesses switch to a customer-centered approach, which means more planning and implementing new solutions for a better user experience.

Let’s have a look at the meaning of the experience strategy and some ways to improve it and therefore boost your customers’ satisfaction.

What is a customer experience strategy?

The customer experience (CX) refers to the whole journey that a customer takes while interacting with your business, starting from searching for some items to reviewing them.

Keeping clients’ satisfaction rates on the top level is what’s called a customer experience strategy. Now you might wonder how important it is.

PwC survey revealed that 1 in 3 customers feel the urge to abandon the brand they love just after one negative experience.

It’s widely known that customers’ expectations are pretty high all the time. To decrease a churn rate as much as possible it’s vital to live up to or even exceed the desired level of delivering services.
Best practices to improve CX

So here are a couple of ways that can help your business improve the level of satisfaction among the prospects and eventually increase conversion and revenue.

Make your business’ values and goals clear

A British-American author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek once said: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

If to have a look at the most prosperous companies, his statement proves to be correct, as the one thing all of them have in common is purpose.

Having a clear vision of the message that you’d like to communicate throughout your business helps to create an image of your brand in minds of the buyers.

A set of goals and principles will be the core of the behavior of the brand that will lead to a clearer experience vision.

As an example, Nike aims to bring inspiration and innovation in sport to everybody, who feels related to it. Their strategy is extremely customer-oriented.

The company puts the sense of community which helps to push the limits in the first place, rather than just selling the sports clothing and equipment.

Nike company purpose
An example of the Nike company purpose

Create an emotional bond

It is a common fact that emotions shape attitudes. Emotional marketing tends to trigger them in a way to motivate customers to act and to remember the brand afterward.

Usually, an emotional bond can be created by launching a campaign that will promote a certain message to the masses.

One of the famous Coca-Cola campaigns was delivered under the idea of removing labels. A limited Diet Coke edition was aimed at raising a problem of societal labels among Americans.

By removing its logo from the cans the Coca-Cola company celebrated diversity and inclusion. It gave a push to embrace differences and reflect on them.
Coca-Cola label-less campaign
An example of the Coca-Cola label-less campaign

Such campaigns with deep topics raised generate buzz among people. This can push your business to connect with clients on another level, thus creating a strong and memorable exploit.

Go digital to create a better experience

Implementing technology in your business can be a major step towards a more advanced customer experience strategy.

For example, chatbots can not only ensure your customers with instant answers 24/7 but also collect their data for further interactions.

They are used by a huge number of brands as their customer experience strategy. One more option could be to introduce social media to your business, like a Facebook chatbot or a product catalog.

Kayak travel bot learns about customers’ wishes and preferences and supplies personalized recommendations based on their answers. If a person is just starting to plan one’s trip, such an assistant can save some time on surfing the net in search of the next travel destination.
Kayak Messenger bot
An example of the Kayak Messenger bot

Pay attention to customers’ feedback

Ignoring customer feedback is among one of the most common causes for the bad customer experience. Capturing insights from your business and analyzing it equals constant growth and enhancement.

Consider creating an opportunity for the clients to share their experiences by using live chat solutions or emails as an option.

Displaying some real feedback messages on your website will increase credibility to the business itself as well as give some additional information about the product to the prospects.

Even negative reviews can come in handy if managed and worked on properly. Providing a polite response afterward will be a sign that every customer’s opinion is valued and taken into consideration.

Listening to purchasers’ opinions will help you create more loyal and strong relationships with them. Thus it can be known for sure if the product lived up to their expectations, which serves as useful background for further business decisions.

Optimize your CX strategy
Improving customer experience is an extensive process that requires regular revisits and a lookout for new strategies depending on your business.

A customer experience strategy can be affected by various factors, so it’s essential to be alert for new technology, trends, or changes in customers’ behavior. A deeper understanding of your audience is fundamental to a better customer experience strategy.

Wrapping it up

A personalized approach can be truly game-changing when it comes to choosing an item or service. Express a clear mission or purpose of your brand, as it’s more likely that you’ll attract customers who share the same ideas.

Creating a connection on the emotional level will lead to a pleasant experience that can become truly memorable to your customers if you touch upon the same problems that they care about and can relate to.

Think about implementing technology to your business to be accessible all the time and reply to customers’ inquires instantly. Asking for their feedback and analyzing it is vital to understand your business from the other side and stay on top all the time.

Hopefully, these ideas will help come up with your customer experience strategy, increasing their satisfaction and business revenue.