Sexual molestation cases could have variable costs, as there are many unpredicted expenses during the lawsuit procedure. Most law firms charge their clients a flat fee for their services. Other firms like The Hogle Law Firm may break down the case in several phases and charge their clients per phase.

Nobody can predict the verdict for a sexual molestation case, which makes it more risky and time-consuming for lawyers to attend such cases. As a victim who has been through a sexual assault, you need to know the specific payment steps you will go through. It's one of the premium reasons to choose your attorney and have a clear insight into your payment dues.

The Hourly Rate System

Civil attorneys who defend their customers against sexual crimes usually charge them by the hour. However, sexual molestation is a criminal case, and an attorney must stay with his customer by law. Only the judge may discharge a criminal lawyer from his customer's defence. That creates a great deal of responsibility for attorneys and increases their median hourly wages.

The risk of having a client who is not financially capable of paying his fees is also a possibility for criminal lawyers. When lawyers enter a sexual molestation case, they have no warranties to be paid on time for their services in court. Sexual molestation cases may take anywhere between six and twenty-four months for a verdict. That creates a huge financial burden for attorneys and has been one of the prime reasons for an hourly fee increase during the past years.

It's also necessary to understand that attorneys charge their customers for case preparation. They need to read the witnesses' testimonies and police reports, which is a time-consuming task. The hourly wage payment system is advantageous when the sexual molestation case quickly resolves. It's also helpful for the attorney who gets paid for the exact hours spent on the case and is free to take another case.

The Flat Fee System

Many attorneys prefer to offer written contracts to their customers. They will get paid for their law services only after the jury has reached a verdict. Therefore, customers know beforehand what the financial expectations of their lawyer are. Some of them may add that contractual agreement to the settlement they seek with the sexual molester. It's always a great relief to know your dues and pay the lawyer after the litigation process has come to an end.

Phase Payment System

Some attorneys break down the sexual molestation case into the pre-trial and the trial phase. They charge a flat fee for every phase to give their customers the chance to withdraw charges and seek a settlement. In that case, attorneys will receive the pre-trial phase payment and a small percentage from the settlement. However, some clients may not have the financial ability to proceed to a trial since the trial fees may be outrageous.

Additional Costs Concerning The Sexual Molestation Cases

There are several additional costs when filing for a sexual molestation case.
  • Investigation Costs: Many attorneys add the investigation costs to their fees. These costs have to do with their legal team and the research needed to be done about the sexual molester, his profile, background, and molestation proof.
  • Depositions Costs: Attorneys may charge you separately for receiving depositions from witnesses. That's a painful procedure that requires much effort and attention by your attorney to ensure the delivery of tangible evidence.
  • Medical Examiner Cost: Medical examiners are involved in sexual molestation cases. Criminal attorneys cooperate with medical examiners who carefully investigate the molestation proofs on the victim's body. Such services are quite expensive and offer credible evidence to use in the trial phase.

Average Attorney Costs For A Sexual Molestation Case

Criminal attorneys could charge anywhere between $200 and $500 per hour for their services. If you prefer to go with a flat fee agreement (contractual agreement), the typical costs come to $50,000 for a complicated sexual molestation case, including the pre-trial and the trial phase.

Sexual offenders may face lifetime imprisonment, as sexual molestation is a 1st-degree felony in almost any State across the United States. That's why hiring the best sexual assault lawyers is worth it to increase the chances of winning in court. You can then ask to liquidate the convict's property to receive compensation and pay for all the necessary attorney fees.