If you are considering using a virtual workspace for new entrepreneurial endeavours, your business switching completely to remote working, or you are considering transferring your entire company to a digital workforce, this can be the best solution to your long-troubling productivity issue within your company. After all, remote work has been shown to boost productivity and efficiency levels for all employees! Since employees will not be spending time and precious effort in the car getting to and from a crowded office building, they are using their precious commute time to now work on what really needs to be done - aspects of the business.

Furthermore, since employees will not be in a crowded office building, they will have fewer distractions than you might find when they are working remotely at a cafe, their own home, or a remote office building. Learning how to minimize distractions and boost employee productivity levels is the best way that a business owner and entrepreneur is able to keep the quality of the business' work as high as possible without overworking employees.

But what are the other reasons that you should consider using a virtual workspace instead of a physical cubicle? What if you like the monotonous routine of going to the office every day? If you enjoy having a traditional work setting, you can still use a virtual workspace to get your work done, be productive, and feel like you're in an office. After all, some virtual workspaces use remote offices that are stored in office buildings - you can choose your virtual workspace that works for your needs! This is why it is so beneficial for the digital worker - it is flexible and versatile to accommodate your needs.

Learn more other reasons why using a virtual workspace is more productive and practical than an office cubicle!

The main benefits of using a virtual workspace for your business

First off - what is a virtual workspace? Why should I choose these options instead of my time-tested and traditional office cubicle in a high-rise office building that is 30 minutes drive from my home? 

There are many reasons - Find out more here.

A virtual workspace is typically a location in which you can do your daily tasks - either by yourself or in collaboration with others in your business - that is not in the same physical location as you would find with your other colleagues, bosses, or partners. Typically, you will find that any space in which you can do your work, collaborate with others, communicate with those in your business, and finish your daily tasks can be called a virtual workspace.

Although a virtual workspace has been used to replicate and replace the traditional workspace that you may find with the old-school buildings and corporations of decades past, today virtual workspaces are focusing on improving collaboration between employees, improving daily productivity levels, increasing efficiency across the board, facilitating collaboration between teams, and increasing company-wide security even in various locations.

Lower costs

One of the main benefits of using a virtual workspace for your company is that the costs are lower in terms of infrastructure, running an office space, keeping employees in the workspace, and renting a location. Think about it - if all of your employees are going to be working remotely, using their digital workspace working from remote offices, or using their own home, this cancels the need for you to have physical office space in the middle of the city. This means that the lighting, internet, rent, and the costs associated with keeping this building running will be subtracted from your overall spending - increasing your budget for other necessary items.

Increased employee satisfaction levels

The next benefit of using the virtual workspace is that you can boost your employee satisfaction levels. Instead of just focusing on new technologies that you can utilize, new ways to boost your company’s ethos in the general public, and how to beat out your competition, you can figure out how to keep your employees happy. After all, happier employees will keep the customer coming back for more - if your employees are selling your vision and your products, this increases staff engagement, customer satisfaction, and daily productivity levels.

Better cloud infrastructure and data sharing

The third benefit of using virtual workspaces is that every single one of your employees will be able to use the cloud and online methods to share data. Instead of having to speak with someone in person, share files via papers, or have an in-person meeting, you can simply use cloud technology to share important data and information with people from all over the world. By creating a secure and safe virtual workspace in which all employees in different time zones can securely access important data, the virtual workspaces let all employees use apps, collaboration tools, and communication methods that help them share data in a safe and secure way.

Boosted productivity

The next reason that you should consider using a virtual workspace for your business instead of cubicles and a physical office space is that it improves productivity levels. Although you may think that in-person collaboration can be quicker and more effective, it is actually the opposite - in-person offices lead to many more distractions, wasted time, and lost time during the day by taking excess breaks. When you're working on your own, you have a tendency to want to get the task at hand done as soon as possible - in a physical office, you're distracted by co-workers, lunch breaks, in-person meetings, and much more. Virtual workspaces can improve productivity, more streamlined workflows and improve focus.

Access to more people

The last reason that you should use a digital workspace is so you can access more talent, speak to more potential employees, and broaden your target market. If you are always looking for employees and partners in your local area, this can significantly narrow down your ideal market to a small percentage. Keep your options open by using a virtual workspace and adult workforce to boost productivity and increase collaboration.


If you are debating using a physical office vs. virtual workspaces, the latter is better for improving productivity, keeping employees happy, boosting customer satisfaction levels, and furthering your business in the industry!