Your email list keeps changing with the change of every season. A few contacts go dead, while a few others might stop showing interest like they used to before. Whatever the reason is, the email list you had at the beginning of the year is no more useful now. Email marketing is one of the most influential marketing means and has the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to any other. The real money comes from the email list. There are numerous ways to improve the email list with glowing potential. All you need is to find the creativity and the right spark.

Here are some points that can help,

Offer for free first.

Everyone loves free stuff, no matter what it is. It gives you a sense of excitement and feels like you've cracked the deal. But as a website owner, what could you possibly provide for free? That's a good question. The answer to it is more relatable content.

The audience landed on your page because they were searching for some information in the first place. So give them more relevant information for free like ebooks, white papers etc. If you run an email finder website, then plugin your website details and information about the free version you provide. Let them know how your website can find that email effectively and efficiently.

Prefer gated content

A few intelligent websites follow this trick wherein they ask the viewer to provide their email address in return to access further information. It really works well when you're posting content on the company's blog. One advantage here is that the website gets the traffic directly and can analyze the data accordingly.

The more gated content you produce, the more subscribers you'll fetch. However, always remember that old subscribers are as important (or sometimes more) than new ones. So, keep the old ones updated with the latest information and insights.

Exit-intent popups

When the visitor is inactive on your website for quite some time, it might be a sign of either disinterest, or they are very busy with other things. Determining the right time to come up with a popup to keep the viewer engaged is crucial. Brainstorm with better offers and deeper insights to cater for the pop up to grab their attention.

Meanwhile, many websites use small pop-ups every now and then, interrupting the viewer's discovery process. They likely abandon the website abruptly. To reduce bounce rates, you can introduce a full-page exit-intent popup. It might not change the bounce rate but definitely increase signups.

The top priority

Email list building with the help of email finder tools like Klean Leads should be your topmost preference. In this journey, you already are aware of the customer and their interests. All you need to do is to email them with the information that they find beneficial. Converting the already existing potentials is much easier than finding the new ones.

Companies commonly fall into the trap of considering web traffic as the number one for conversions. It is not true due to various parameters. Firstly, you don't have much information about the person visiting the website. Out of maybe 100 visitors, you will find a handful who want to become a customer. So, choose your battles wisely.

Hope you liked these insights. Share with us the tips that you found beneficial!