When visiting Port Townsend in Washington, the Fort Worden historic state park is one of the destinations you shouldn't miss. In the past, this place was a training camp for about 1000 troops and part of the "Ring of Fire."

The "Ring of Fire" consists of Fort Worden, Fort Flagler, and Fort Casey, protecting Puget Sound against potential invaders in the sea. Today, Fort Worden is considered a world-class state park by many tourists who need a relaxing vacation. This 432-acre state park has so many activities and beautiful places to offer that will make your weekend getaway memorable.

To learn more about the top things to do and places to visit in Fort Worden State Park, keep reading.

8 Best Activities You Can Do in Fort Worden

Travelling is a great way to enjoy your vacation and release your stress. So, it shouldn't make you hassled, and your destination should be worth the time. For a more convenient and exciting trip, write down your bucket list and consider the following activities when you visit Fort Worden:

1. Find a Comfortable Place to Stay

If you are going to Fort Worden or nearby Port Townsend attractions, you'll need a great place to stay in. You can choose from various hotels or vacation rentals that will give you the comfort you need. Some of the best options for your stay are historic hotels like Manresa Castle, Bishop Victorian, The Palace hotel, and more for a historical ambience.

2. Take Photos and Explore Historic Buildings

Besides the hotels that will show you incredible architecture, you can also visit historic buildings with perfect settings for taking photos or shooting videos. There's so much to explore in this state park, including General's House, Commanding Officer's Quarters, Balloon Hangar, and Watchman's Cottage. If you visit the parade grounds, you can get a close view of the eight houses built between 1904 and 1915, where officers lived with their families.

3. Look at the Exhibits in Coast Artillery Museum

When you go to Fort Worden, don't forget to visit the Coast Artillery Museum. Take a look at exhibits on harbour defences, which cover the 19th century up to the WWII period.

4. Take a Close Look at the Point Wilson lighthouse

Established in 1879, this historic lighthouse is a part of the National Register of Historic Places and Washington State Heritage Register. Today, it is considered an important navigational aid. It's not open for tourists, but you can still take a close look or go there if you like walking on the sandy beaches.

5. See Some Aquatic Creatures at Marine Science Center

Fort Worden isn't only popular for its historic destinations but also for the marine life experiences you can get from this place. If you visit the Marine Science Center, you can see some starfish, octopuses, and other sea creatures in their aquarium. Besides that, there are also lots of fun and educational activities for kids.

6. Explore the Artillery Hill

Check out some abandoned military batteries as you go to Artillery hill. You can see chambers, tunnels, and decaying structures consumed by the nature. Aside from that, Artillery hill is also a popular spot for biking. So, you can bring your own bike or rent one to get some exercise.

7. Camp and Enjoy the Nature Overnight

If you want to stay outdoors overnight to feel the beauty of nature more, you can camp in Fort Worden. There are tons of campsites, depending on the spot you desire to spend your night. But before going to the campsite, it would be great to check for availability first and make a reservation. For beach lovers, you can camp at Fort Worden State Park Beach Campground for an amazing view and ambience.

8. Taste the Food at Various Restaurants

Of course, when you are travelling, food is one of the things you'll look for. Around Fort Worden, you can go to various restaurants and bars and try different cuisines or enjoy the nightlife. You can try Hilltop Tavern, The Inbetween, Uptown Pub, The Castle, and more. If you want a more natural vibe as you eat, you can also have a picnic with your family or friends.

Spend Your Weekend on the Historic Fort Worden State Park

The historic state park of Fort Worden is a great place to spend a memorable weekend. There are lots of activities to do with your loved ones or even to give yourself a relaxing alone-time. Just don't forget to get the Washington state's discovery pass when you visit the park. You'll need it to enter the best recreational areas, including campgrounds, hiking trails, water-access points, wildlife areas, etc. If you consider doing these 8 best activities, you can collect unforgettable experiences during your vacation.