The living room is known as a space that gives us relaxed vibes after a long hectic day. Hence, we always make sure to design it in a manner that offers comfort to us.

Also, here in the living room, you spend quality time with your family. Thus most people focus on decorating the living room in a certain way. There is art involved in the process of beautifying your living room. With simple ideas, you can certainly decorate your living room the way you want. Here is the list of ideas.

Play with texture

Most people tend to overlook texture while decorating the living room. But it is essential to make the proper use of textures to give your living room a cosy and comfortable feel. You may include metal, stone, green plants, leather, cotton, glass, etc., to play around with different textures.

You can also add pleasant vibes to the corner of your living room by decorating with roses. We tend to underestimate pillows, but it can be a good start if you are planning to decorate the living room on a budget. Even the walls can also help you to show the texture if you use textured paint.

Mix dark and light

A completely white or bright living room may look clean, while all dark can look like a cave. But mixing bright and dark together can create a dynamic look that can give depth and balance. You can play around with the combination in terms of wall colours and furniture colour. You can also put a combination of different colours on walls.

Contrast the neutrals

You can also consider adding some neutrals apart from regular black and white. These contrasting colours can easily make you feel welcoming and prosperous. Make sure to keep the things in contrast with each other that highlight the different finishes and undertones. This will add an aesthetic appeal to your living room.

Work with woods

We can not avoid wood when we talk about different textures to decorate the house. Wood is considered one of the top materials that can bring warmth to your living room. There are plenty of ways through which you can add wood to the living room. This way you can make your living room more inviting. You can consider adding wall panelling, movable stools, side tables, and sofa legs to give a different feel to the living room.

Choose the right fabrics.

You need to make your living room feel stylish as well as comfortable. Fabrics play an important role in decorating the living room. Mid-tone fabrics are known to be the safest ones as dark or light-shaded fabrics can show the soil.

You can also consider using leather as it is considered a great material that can avoid stains. It can be cleaned easily whenever a spill occurs. It is also usually scratched more easily than the other fabrics.

Mix up the upholstery.

You can find a lot of options while purchasing the furniture from the showroom. These stores generally offer an entire set of living room d├ęcor in matching upholstery. However, you can also mix and match with upholstery as per your choice.

Play with different colours.

Adding a dash of colours can also play a huge role in creating a beautiful living room. Playing with different colours can help to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere in your living room. You can always choose blue if you are confused about which one to choose. It goes well with other elements such as wood, leather, etc. It also acts as a neutral to work with other colours.

Add a patterned rug.

The pattern can undoubtedly add an innovative design to your living room with energy and minimize the appearance of stains. Adding a patterned rug to the living room can bring live energy to the living room. You can place this rug under the seating area. Make sure to use the rug even if you have the carpet spread over the floor under the seating area.

A living room is always considered a great space that can embrace the thoughtful disorder. Make sure to play around with all the elements to show your creativity.