There are a number of manufacturers that produce evaporative coolers – and many for commercial purposes. Understanding what each has to offer can help you to decide who you want to work with when you’re ready to use the “swamp cooler” technology to cool your commercial space down.

Premier Industries, Inc.

Premier Industries, Inc. has been designing and building innovative evaporative coolers since 1983. While there are several standard commercial cooler designs, it is also possible to have a cooler customized to meet the specific needs of your operation.

The family-owned and operated manufacturer is based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are known to offer competitive prices and will show how their products are efficient enough to save money throughout the year.

The commercial evaporative systems stand out by offering stainless steel construction and forward curve blowers that vary in size. Motors vary from 1.5 to 15 HP depending on the desired CFM rating and static pressure. Additionally, the manufacturer offers an exclusive 10-year rust-through warranty.

Various accessories are available within the evaporative coolers to control humidity as well as to provide misting solutions.


Hessaire is an affordable brand of evaporative cooler known for delivering a high CFM. Additionally, the brand offers a big tank, making it effective in large warehouse spaces.

The manufacturer considers itself to be a worldwide leader in cooling solutions. In addition to manufacturing evaporative coolers, they also make HVAC units, mobile coolers, split AC systems, and fans.

The evaporative coolers are broken down into several categories: Window Aspen Coolers, Ducted Aspen Coolers, and Ducted Single Inlet Coolers. All in all, there are a total of nine models to choose from.

The fixed mount coolers provide solutions for all sizes of commercial spaces. Additionally, there are smaller mobile units that can be used for offices as well as modular buildings.

The company sells its products in a number of retail stores including The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Amazon.


Breezewell is a brand that is known for providing an indoor, portable solution in terms of evaporative air coolers. Their units are sold in various retail stores including Amazon, Sears, and Best Buy.

While the brand doesn’t offer large units, they do offer oscillating technology in the form of a tower fan. With the powerful motor, it helps to create a smooth and constant stream of air. The portability also makes it easy to move throughout the facility as needed.

The majority of the models are 2 systems in one – a fan and an evaporative cooler. It’s possible to use the models as a fan, as a cooler, or as both – particularly when there’s a hot, dry environment.

The systems also offer three-speed settings in order to control the airflow. In many instances, people can expect a 40-degree temperature swing at the highest speed.

A two-year warranty is in place on all of their coolers.


Vankool is well-known for offering a number of residential evaporative air coolers, including solar window coolers to improve energy efficiency. In recent years, they have developed several commercial models that are capable of cooling larger areas.

Mobile, window and roof-mounted units are available so that a business can choose the solution that works best for the space.

Vankool, a Chinese manufacturer, has been the OEM supplier for Honeywell for more than 12 years. Additionally, the company has been manufacturing evaporative coolers of all sizes for over 12 years.

There are a total of 12 models that fall into the commercial coolers category. Each one is capable of offering various features and can provide large airflow without creating a lot of noise. Even the largest is not as large as what is manufactured by other companies. Additionally, they stand out by using a polypropylene thermoplastic casing for their coolers as opposed to the traditional aluminium frames.


Cambridge Air Solutions offers a variety of E-Series and ESC-Series evaporative cooling units for commercial and industrial facilities. The company’s goal is to improve indoor air quality and offer cooler temperatures at the same time. Additionally, the technology focuses on reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

The E-Series of evaporative cooling units use direct cooling technology. These are designed specifically for hot, arid, and dry climates.

The ESC-Series uses indirect cooling technology where moisture is not added to the air. These are more appropriate for locations where the quality of air is of the utmost importance.

A number of advanced features are included in the evaporative coolers by Cambridge. This includes such things as sensors to monitor system performance as well as static pressure gauges to make it easy to measure drops in pressure across the cooling media.

A warranty of five years is in place on all E-Series and ESC-Series coolers.

Big Ass Fans

The Big Ass Fans brand is most known for providing industrial overhead fans. Evaporative coolers have been developed over the past few years to offer another cooling solution to their customers.

A variety of cold front evaporative coolers are available by Big Ass Fans (four sizes to choose from). The company is known for providing residential, industrial, and commercial models featuring manual controls.

You will be able to find an array of models based on the coverage area that you need. Their largest unit is capable of cooling up to 1200 square feet and offers a maximum CFM of 2800.

They boast a simple way to get the unit set up. A standard garden hose supplies the internal water reservoir.

Their units are covered by a warranty of up to five years.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Evaporative Cooler

It’s important to work with a manufacturer of evaporative coolers that can offer you advanced technology and meet your cooling needs. Take the time to compare various units. Explore how you can customize the unit, too, so that the swamp cooler is capable of working within the specific environment where you work.

Once you’ve seen what the various manufacturers have to offer, you can invest in a commercial evaporative cooler with confidence.