Everyone needs a hobby. Cliché, as it may sound, seeking a hobby is a great way to keep ourselves sane in this world where stress and anxieties abound. It gives us a sense of self-efficacy and helps us develop our passions in life. While there are hundreds of hobbies that people from all over the world pursue, only a few are much more skillfully rewarding for the curious mind.

Here is a list of challenging hobbies worth trying if you are open to new ideas and experiences.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument has proven to have significant effects and influences when it comes to the intelligence and creativity of individuals.

In fact, several studies present that playing the piano can increase one’s cognitive development, along with eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills improvement. More than that, playing a musical instrument increases IQ by seven points or more, whether you are a kid or an adult. However, getting into this hobby requires severe practice and dedication to master a particular instrument. So if you want to challenge yourself, have at it.

It's never been easier to learn the piano online. Lessons provided by websites like Skoove provide comprehensive lessons and even throw in a free starter plan. You can read more in this review.

Master a Foreign Language

Language proficiency in a different language is not only remarkable to see on your resume, but it is an excellent way to please your curiosity. Indeed, mastering a foreign tongue may be challenging, yet it is a great hobby to pursue.

Communication is a vital skill acquired naturally by humans, so why not hone it a bit more by adding a new language to learn? You can try picking up Hangul (Korean language) as Korean TV series and movies trending on different social media nowadays. Furthermore, several online tutorials and free mobile apps can help you study their language and even their way of writing. It will only be a matter of time before you can watch Korean shows without the need for subtitles.

Appreciate TV Documentaries

Aside from mentioning some hobbies that require action from your end, let us consider a passive activity that can be turned into a hobby: watching a TV documentary.

Watching a TV documentary is a great way to learn the art of storytelling while knowing what is happening in the real world at the same time. You can easily access such videos on Netflix, Youtube, and other online documentaries. In addition, you can select a wide range of topics, from World Wars to Science, up to real-world incidents.

Gaining knowledge of various issues may overwhelm and stimulate your emotions, which the documentaries aim to achieve.

Attending Trade Shows

Attending trade shows can also be challenging but fulfilling because you can learn new things, especially if you attend B2C (business-to-consumer) events. You can attend trade fairs about cigar box manufacturers like Hongyi and know why most men are luxurious about their cigars. Or join a coffee trade event catered by expo stand builder Aplus, and learn a thing or two on how to make a proper coffee.

The Art of Watchmaking

Thanks to modern high technology, people are now relying on video tutorials to learn something new, like how to get into watchmaking. Many would say that it is a dying profession, so now might be your chance to try something challenging such as watchmaking, where only a few are interested.

Those people who want to know more about the art of watchmaking rely on online tutorials and read horology books. Others also take classes and enrol in watchmaking schools. It would be best to get a watchmaker supply to a reliable store, get familiar with the mechanical parts, and apply what you learn. Who knows, watchmaking might be your calling.

Discover Your Passion in Cooking

If you think cooking and baking is just ordinary thing to do, think again! Cooking is among the most rewarding and most productive hobbies out there, something everyone should consider pursuing.

Learning how to cook forces you to be in the moment and push you to plan what to do next. Recent studies show that people who cook their meals at home live longer than those who regularly eat out. Getting the hang of this hobby slash skill will make you more mindful about the food you pick at the grocery store, which will drive you to choose less sugary, less fat, and less processed foods.

With practice, you will get better at food preparation and be even more productive than you realized. Besides, cooking at home can help you save money.

Volunteering for Social Work

You can be a part of environmental works seen in guyabouthome, like gardening, tree planting, and promoting sustainable practices. The best part of doing social activities and volunteering is that you make a lot of friends and meaningful connections. Moreover, you get to share your thoughts and experiences with the same people who value the worth of socialization and volunteering in a community event.

Doing this activity as a hobby can make you drift into satisfaction and feel good about yourself. Still, don’t forget that this activity is about spending your time for a more significant cause and a great way to take the limelight off yourselves and see the world from a new perspective.


Instead of devoting more time to your mobile phones or other gadgets, why not start picking up a new hobby that will take your time worthwhile and may improve your well-being. Of course, you can choose from the listed hobbies above. But if you are thinking of starting something else, share your thoughts. We are excited to hear about your plan to try a new hobby! Type your ideas in the comment box below.