The market value of a property is a concern for all homeowners. This concern is more significant to any homeowner who wants to put their house up for sale, whether immediately or at some indeterminate point in the future.

House remodeling is one way a homeowner can increase their property’s value. To ensure this future appreciation in value, you must hire professionals that understand what they are doing. Crown Remodeling & Design is one such company.

Because every detail of a house remodeling project can have a bearing on its overall allure, having such experts handle your projects will save you a lot of headaches. Let's look at why you should update the exterior of your house before moving on to the exterior components that you can upgrade to increase the value of your home.

Why You Should Update The Exterior Of Your House

When most people think about house remodeling, what comes to their minds are images of pristine countertops and sleek bathroom faucets made of stainless steel. The interior of a house is the focus of many home remodeling projects. However, the exterior of a house can have just as much of an impact when it comes to selling your home. Some argue that it is of greater significance.

First impressions are crucial for many potential homebuyers. As such, a homeowner needs to ensure that a potential homebuyer’s first impression of their home is positive.

Curb appeal is the term many in the real estate business use to describe a house’s captivating appearance (or lack thereof) as perceived from the sidewalk. While seemingly trivial, curb appeal can make or break a house-purchasing deal. Because curb appeal has much to do with the outward appearance, any house remodeling project to increase property value should emphasize the house exterior.

Such exterior works include landscaping, replacing the main exterior doors, siding, and roof, painting touch-ups, and window replacements. We will look at each of these components in detail below.


This is probably the most important of any updates to the exterior of a house, with the potential to quickly bias a homebuyer’s opinion. The presence of lush trees and shrubs dotted with attractive flowers is hard to ignore.

A professional landscaping contractor can take care of this aspect of your curb appeal, placing flowers and shrubs at strategic points on your front lawn. Adding a well-manicured lawn will give your house an inviting look while increasing its resale value.

A closely related aspect of sprucing up your house exterior will involve hiring a professional deck and fence company to redecorate the patio and the fence, all of which can contribute to the majestic appearance of your house.

Replacing The Main Exterior Doors

In the grand scheme, replacing house doors may not seem like much. Replacing the main entrance door with something more appealing can, however, increase the general attraction of the house.

A well-polished but robust steel front door can do wonders for your curb appeal. Strong steel doors, for example, can evoke a sense of security and durability, which are essential factors that many homebuyers value.

Replacing The Siding

There has been negativity surrounding sidings made of materials hazardous to house occupants, such as asbestos. Some sidings tend to experience wear and tear much faster than others. Of course, worn-out sidings will not paint your house in a positive light, thereby discouraging potential homebuyers.

Replacing such sidings with vinyl ones, for example, will give your house a nice outer look, adding more curb appeal.

Roof Replacement

A roof contributes significantly to the curb appeal of your house. Even from afar, potential homebuyers can get a general sense of the house's condition just by looking at the roof and the front part of the house. A roof that has fallen into disrepair will not do your home any favors.

Industry analysts estimate that replacing your roof can add up to 7% of the total house value, making it a sensible investment. Check your roof regularly, especially if you live in a region that experiences extreme weather conditions like heavy rains or hailstorms.

Paint Touch-Up

Painting your house exterior is an easy task. However, doing so will not have a professional touch. Unless you’re a certified painter, leaving such remodeling work to professionals is best. A well-done paint job will significantly alter your house’s appearance, thereby contributing to its resale value.

Pressure washing can help clean surfaces that are well-painted but have grime and dirt, giving an overall spotless appearance.

Replacing Windows

Window replacements can be a significant investment, investments that will provide a return because they add to the overall immaculate appearance of the house. In addition to giving a positive first impression, new windows speak to good ventilation, meaning a positive living space inside the house.

All in all, such remodeling work to the exterior of your house will enable you to leverage its improved appearance, thereby making more money if you choose to sell the house.