Self-storage space is an excellent solution for people and businesses needing space to accommodate some of their items. But choosing an ideal storage unit is not always so easy, and factors such as unit size, location, cost, and security all come into play,

However, one factor that most people tend to overlook is if they need a climate-controlled storage unit.

There are two types of storage units: conventional storage and climate-controlled storage.

Conventional storage units are regular garage-style spaces with a roll-up door. They are ideal for short-term storage and for items that cannot be affected by temperature change.

Climate-controlled units, on the other hand, are spaces whose temperature can be controlled. They are either heated or air-conditioned, depending on the climate and weather. Some storage facilities also provide humidity control as an extra layer of protection.

Let’s take a look at three benefits you can expect from choosing a climate-controlled unit.

1. Protect Your Items from Extreme Temperatures and Humidity

Temperatures in many regions in the U.S. can drop below freezing during winter and exceed 100 degrees over the summer. If you live in an area that experiences drastic temperature change, a climate-controlled unit can protect your items from the potential damage of extreme temperatures.

For instance, items such as antiques, books, art, and furniture are susceptible to splitting or warping as a result of temperature change.

High humidity levels can also cause extensive damage to pharmaceutical supplies, electronics, paper items, and clothes. The moisture can lead to the development of mould, rust, and mildew, all of which can cause irreparable damage to your valuable items.

2. Climate Controlled Units Provide Extra Protection from Pests and Dust

Many conventional storage spaces have high exposure to pests, dust, and debris. But you can avoid these problems when you store your items in climate controlled units.

Dust and poor air quality can cause damage to your carpets, clothes, mattresses, and upholstered furniture. The good news is the floors, walls, and roofs of climate-controlled units are usually sealed and insulated to keep pests and dust away from your items.

All in all, it’s safe to say that your items will be safe and in good condition for much longer compared to using conventional storage.

3. Climate Controlled Units Are Great for Long-Term Storage

Sometimes, people aren’t always sure for how long they’ll need to keep their items in a self-storage unit. Some people often think they’ll need storage for a short time but end up using the space for much longer than they had previously intended.

For this reason, climate-controlled units are ideal for long-term storage because they provide a safe and secure space free from environmental change or exposure to dust and pests regardless of how long you need to store your possessions.

The Bottom Line

As you can expect from the benefits listed in this article, climate-controlled units cost more than conventional storage units. But the investment is worth your peace of mind. The last thing you want is to put your items in storage only to find them damaged.

Is that a risk you want to take?