High-End Rug
A rug is more than just the texture and colour. It defines the space, protects the floor, and completes your home décor.

The goal is to make your floor the anchor of your interior design.
Now remember, before spending a fortune on a high-end rug, you can always land a quality rug for a lot less than you think.

In fact, with the click of a button, you should find great online stores like Lawrence of La Brea offering a wide variety of high-quality rugs ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.

With the huge size of the rug industry, you can also pay more for a crappy rug. So, basically, what determines the quality of a rug isn’t its price tag.

With that said, you’re ready to open your purse for an amazing area rug; here’s what you need to know before making a purchase.

1. Consider the Material

Always check the material content when buying high-end rugs.

You may find yourself attracted to the most beautiful designs. And while that’s not a bad thing, beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of robust material.

However, most rags are made from a blend of different materials.

It’s important to understand these materials and the effects of the combination.

Here are some of the materials used for making rugs and how they affect quality:

a. Natural Fiber

These include rugs made from naturally existing cotton, wool, silk, and sisal products.

Wool is the classic, offering warmth, soft texture and resistance to spills. It sheds after some time but lasts longer and is likely to cost you a fortune.

Cotton is also a traditional material that has been used for ages. It’s quite affordable and easy to clean.

A shared downside between these classic rugs is the fading.

Then there are the shiny royal silks with delicate fabrics usually ideal for a low-traffic guest room.

Sisal rugs are great but less cosy due to the rough fibres if you're after durability. These rugs will be great for decorating your porches, though.

b. Synthetic Fiber

Synthetics are durable, easy to clean rugs made of modern plush.

These rugs come in a range of designs like hand knotted turkish rugs, and visually, they aren’t any different from natural fibre.

Synthetic rugs offer colour and stain-resistant options. They give softer feels than sisal rugs and some in unique handmade designs.

Synthetics are very popular for families with pets.

Word of caution: synthetics may smell like certain chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Always carefully check for the material that fits your profile when seeking high-end rugs.

2. Know Your Style

If you’re going for a high-end rug, start by considering your taste. Think of the feeling you’re after and what usually pleases you.

Do you prefer something like rough sisal or soft cotton when it comes to texture?

What about the overall design?

If you don’t have a specific style, always think about the theme you want to create based on your tastes and surroundings. Keep in mind the room décor and whether the rug will match it. Figure out whether the style will amplify the décor or tone it down.

For instance, a patterned rug can add a pop colour to your dining area better than border rugs.

Your style is also linked to the available space. You can go with one or several rugs depending on the requirements of your space.

Knowing your style is the first step to knowing what you want — this narrows down your search for the best perfect rug.

3. Think of Your Lifestyle

You may not think about it this way, but your lifestyle affects the decision on the type of rug to buy. If you live on your own, you’ll probably be comfortable getting a rug that someone with children or pets will avoid.

If you have a family, it’s always best to go for rugs with a low pile for spot cleaning. You should avoid woollen rugs if someone in the family is allergic to its shedding.

You could go with a Sisal rug, however. It’s a great option for families as they have no chemicals, are incredibly strong, and easy-to-clean.

Now, if your house has a high chance of spills, check for synthetic fibre rugs with stain repellant characteristics. Bolder and richer colours can also help in hiding stains.

In addition, most people are becoming environmentally conscious and seeking rugs that complement their green lifestyle.

There are several green options ranging from woven seagrass to luxurious cotton rugs. Always look for ethical production if you are after an eco-friendly lifestyle.


It’s really unfortunate that home interiors are let down by poor rug selection.

A rug is the focal point of a room, pulling everything together. It must also reflect your needs and preferences.

The trick is always to take your time and use these tips to assess available options before deciding.