You can never go wrong with a beautiful arrangement or decoration of flowers in an interior, especially during spring. Florals can add an elegant and perfect touch to a living room, dining area, or even a cosy bedside table. You wake up, and they are the first thing you get to see, hence your day starts perfectly. There are numerous flower types that are overwhelming and perfect for your room. Here we have tried to pick up to pinpoint the best options for your home.


In spring, it is pretty easy to locate long-lasting ranunculus flowers. In the early stages, they are tight budded, and as they age gradually, their layers of petals make a transition to a relatively dark, inner centre that adds beauty to a room. You can easily expect an arrangement of these hardy, long-lasting flowers to last for about a week with due care. Order a beautiful bouquet of your favourite Ranunculus flowers from our Ventura-CA flower shop and send them to your loved ones.


Cymbidium orchids are another type of popular, long-lasting flower, especially during the time when winter sets in. People often prefer them wrapped in a Burlap bouquet or simply placed in a vase. With the right care, these orchids can last for around two weeks.


A popular choice all over the flower stores, protea orchids have proven to be quite essential in the form of workhouses, as they are generally placed at the front of a bouquet to prevent other items inside from being hampered during delivery. They are often termed as “Shock absorbers” when it comes to florists. According to customer reviews, proteas are typically one of the flowers standing in their very original shape in the arrangement after spending weeks of vase life. Send a beautiful set of Protea orchids using our Ventura-CA flower delivery services to the love of your life.


A flower with a major fan following is the Calla Lilies. It is also an excellent option to consider for long-lasting flowers. The best feature about these flowers is that they demand less time for their care. You can opt for water changes and stem trims after quite some time. Also, they're available in a wide range of vibrant colours.


Carnations aren't the best or the most popular type of flower on the list, but they are worthy of proper attention because they're pretty long-lasting. Carnations can apparently last for weeks without requiring any special care as per florists.


Tulips generally last for a week with regular and timely water changes. People especially like them, because they come under one of the few flowers that keep growing once they are cut—up to about one inch. With every passing day, they grow about an inch and get a bit wilder and beautiful. Now you can opt for online flower delivery options and send the best combination of flowers directly to your loved ones’ addresses.


Side by side to double tulips, fringed tulips are another go-to flower for long-lasting types. Like most tulips, this variety of flowers usually last for a week with proper care. Plus, their frayed and beautiful petals add a unique touch to your living room.

These are some of the flowers to give a fresh and energetic start to your day. They play a crucial role in uplifting your mood, as you start your daily chores. Explore all of Snapbloom’s products ranged directly on its website.