Taking your pet to the vet will allow you to check on his or her condition while ensuring your furry friend remains safe. However, you may not have the option to visit your vet in person, so you need to plan an online appointment. Dog expert Dave Miller of Cozy Crates suggested going through the steps below, so you can prepare everything you need for your online vet visit.

Research Vet Options

You need to start by looking into the vet options in your area. Find out what each vet offers online and contact them, so you can figure out which one will let you make online appointments. After all, you may find some vets in your area that will check on your pet, but they may not offer online vet visits which could cause problems.

As you do this research, you should figure out which vets have the highest reviews. By looking through the reviews, you can find out how the vets treat animals, what you should expect from them and other important details. That way, you can find the ideal vet in your area to watch over your pet, give advice and help you care for your furry friend.

Understand What Online Visits Offer

Once you find an ideal vet for your pet, you should figure out what the vet offers. For example, some vets will offer examinations and other treatments for pets, so you need to do some research and see what the vet will give you during an online visit. This will include instructing you on how to care for your pet, asking questions to ensure your pet remains healthy and many other points.

Keep in mind online visits can only offer so much to your pet. This means your pet may need to go to the vet if he or she must receive certain treatments or vaccinations. This means you should figure out what you can do through an online vet visit, so you can make the most out of it.

Get Your Pet's Records

You should also prepare by collecting your pet's records, so you can submit them as needed. These records will include information about your pet's health history, his or her vaccination records and other key details. Your vet needs to know this information to properly care for your pet, so make sure you bring it with you.

Depending on the vet you go to, you may have to submit those records before the meeting. Some may require you to send a copy to them, email the information or provide your pet's chip details. Either way, make sure you get your pet's health records together to avoid problems and get that key information to your vet.

Prepare Pet Insurance as Needed

You can also get your pet insurance ready before you see the vet. Sometimes, you can purchase pet insurance for your furry friend, so you don't have to drop tons of money on surgeries or other situations. This means if you pay for pet insurance, you should check with the vet to see if the company accepts your pet insurance.

You need to check this before your set an appointment, so you must discuss it with your vet and ensure you have the right insurance. That way, if you find out your pet needs emergency surgery or anything else, you can get it immediately. You should collect all the insurance information and send it to your vet in whatever format they require.

Ask About Upcoming Vaccinations

Pets need to get vaccinations regularly to ensure they avoid diseases such as rabies and other potentially dangerous ones. However, if your vet doesn't know which vaccines your pet got in the past, you could face problems. Make sure you know what vaccines your pet had and ask bout any upcoming ones you should consider while you go to the vet.

For example, some pets need to get multiple rabies shots over a period of time to ensure your pet never contracts it. Let your vet know your pet's age and discuss both vaccines he or she needs or upcoming ones you should know about. As you learn this important information, you can keep your pet safe and fully vaccinated.

Know Your Pet and Prepare to Answer Questions

You should ensure you know about your pet and his or her experiences at the vet. When you meet with a new vet, he or she will ask you plenty of questions to ensure your pet gets the right care. This means you should get ready to answer these questions to avoid wasting time while making the most out of your vet appointment.

For example, your vet will ask questions about your pet's weight, his or her habits and any strange behaviour. As you answer these questions, your vet will understand what your pet needs, so your furry friend can get the proper care from your vet. This matters more when you have an online appointment since your vet can only find out this information by asking you questions.


Once you prepare for an online vet visit, you can go through the steps listed above. They will help you prepare for the visit, so you can make sure you meet the needs of your pet while tackling everything required during it. Make sure you do your best to follow these points, so you can take care of your pet during your online vet visit.