Faxing has always been one of the most secure ways of communication in multiple industries. Be it hospitals sharing patient information, firms sharing legally binding agreements, or government entities for all documents, faxing has been a major help. But the growing volume of fax materials seems to increase the overall cost for any organization. As a result, digital fax has become a current favourite with its convenient approach and cost-effective nature. The ways cloud fax services can satisfy your company’s faxing needs are better explained by an enterprise fax solution named eGoldFax.

Cloud Fax Basics

The use of the internet as a mechanism to send and receive faxes is elementarily achieved through cloud fax services. Using such a service omits the need for existing physical fax infrastructures. It helps get rid of recurring costs for machine maintenance, paper, and toner. There are basically two ways of achieving fax as a cloud service. The first is to use digital fax within an email application. And the second alternative is to fax through an internet-based portal by service providers. Once the selection has been made, it is only a matter of necessary capabilities for the process.

Features Of A Good Cloud Fax Service

Although cloud fax services largely depend on individual business needs, it still needs to fulfil certain basic features for better acceptance. Here we list down a few features that might help in a proper selection:

Performance And Scalability

Business needs grow with time and so should the related services. Scalability can be an issue with cloud fax service for growing business if selected wrong. One such hurdle can be the page limits associated with most. Good service providers offer customized plans to scale up or down volumes as per need. In short, always seek a plan with appropriate page volume, along with a reasonable overage fee for the additional count. For larger enterprises, unlimited usage plans might sound more viable for peak performance without outgrowing their fax service.

Support For Multiple Platforms

Mobile devices have made communication easy even while on the move. This makes it desirable to have similar accessibility for business faxing as well. That is why most cloud fax services have mobile applications supported on multiple platforms. A wider range of support for email and desktop platforms is also essential for uninterrupted data exchange for business.

Business Continuity

Continuous availability of cloud faxing services can be critical for many industries and is a top priority. Hence, proper disaster recovery strategies with clear SLAs become indispensable for businesses. It might be beneficial if an online fax service can have their dedicated cloud infrastructure for better control over system availability and performance. Moreover, this might ensure the safekeeping of all digitized documents in their online database for future reference.

Fax Phone Number Availability

Even while going digital, faxing services will always have a front-facing fax number for promotion. As such, the more the option to choose is the better for any enterprise. These choices might include local numbers, toll-free options, or even vanity selections. Superior service providers might also offer easy portability for existing fax numbers as well, at affordable costs.

Enterprise Integration

Cloud fax services are not restricted to the exchange of documentary information alone. It provides an opportunity for multiple system integration within an enterprise. Digitized fax can seamlessly flow through back-end applications like CRM, ERP, and accounts for convenient business automation. Concurrently, a range of API tools and native integration should be a part of any suitable online fax service plan.

Benefits Of Cloud Fax Service

Lower Cost Of Ownership

Quite understandably, cloud fax services eliminate hardware, software, and consumable costs for a company. Additionally, process automation possibilities also might decrease the need for manual interventions drastically. The resulting minimization of errors can easily double the savings by preventing expensive rework. Technically, the performance and reliability of cloud fax services might cost just a fraction of equivalent onsite fax infrastructure.

Improved Business Processes

Process automation is a huge advantage of cloud fax service at work. Integrating a wide range of business applications on multiple platforms reduces business cycles substantially. Optimized processes and workflows thus achieved can lead to better overall productivity. Hence an improved customer experience might become an inevitable outcome.

Greater Efficiency

Elimination of physical infrastructure, minimization of rework, and process automation capabilities are bound to deliver improved efficiency through digital faxing services. Better providers might allow all requirements in terms of fax and digital communication to be met through a single trusted supplier. This can simplify business dealings along with uninterrupted service availability.

Cloud fax service is gradually becoming a standard enterprise globally. It can create a single channel infrastructure compassing fax, email, internet, and applications. As such, selecting the right provider for cloud fax services becomes crucial to explore future benefits the sector might have to offer.