Most homes nowadays utilize space for more than one function. Include your garage areas. You probably know by now that tons of activities and recreation that you can do inside your garage. Have you heard of garage man-cave? Having a private haven for your creative and productive side found a home inside garage areas.

That was the trend for recent years. This time a people are finding comfort in going back to basics, with a modern twist.

You may have an old garage space that you had turned into an artist space. Now you have purchased a new wheel that drives around town for ease and safety from crowded transportation. In that case, you want to revert your garage to its traditional sole purpose, and it's time to revamp the garage floors with a less chaotic flooring system.

Move over epoxy floorings! Here comes the coating king, polyurea garage floor coating.

One-day Coat Floors Uncovered: What is Polyurea Garage Floors?

The most recent innovation for garage floorings is polyurea floor coatings. It is also combined with its subclass polyaspartic. These two super combos of materials make one of the best garage floor covering.

The Basic Parts

Flooring innovations use synthetic materials that mimic the durability of natural ones. Concrete, for example, is a naturally acquired flooring material product. The concrete materials are known for their durability and dense surface, making them slip-resistant and damage resistant.

Now polyurea floors use synthetic polymers. While its base product comes from a compound that also creates plastic materials, it comes out stronger. It's durable as hard materials like concrete and cement.

Like its epoxy counterpart, the polyurea-polyaspartic floors consist of two parts.

The first component is the synthetic resin, and the next one is the aliphatic compound. This equates to the catalyst found in epoxy floors. The synthetic polymer and resin coating cures quicker than epoxy. The aliphatic non-organic compound is added to counteract the fast curing.

Now you have the one-day coating. As its nickname suggest. This material covers the entire flooring surface in no time. It dries in a day, faster than epoxy.

Why Use the One Day Coating: Benefits of Polyurea Floors

Polyurea compound has many uses among industrial facilities. It serves as strong adhesion to two solid surfaces, coating materials for pipelines, and structures exposed to high pressure and tension.

Flooring experts found its great use to coat concrete floor surfaces. Modern times get tougher, and the foundation of buildings and facilities need more uncompromising protection from damages.

Here to see closer what makes one day coating an excellent option to use for hardcore surfaces.

  • Sustainable: The one-day coating promotes the sustainability of the floors. Instead of resurfacing the garage flooring, you can make a quick polishing of the old concrete. Pour a one-day coating on it, and the floors become as strong as new. If what you have previously are epoxy floors, and now you have observed that some parts are damaged, you can recoat the floors instead of digging the old slabs off the ground.
  • Cost-effective: The one-day coating is cost-effective if used in highly profitable and high-valued spaces. Your garages may take a lot of your home improvement expense since the surface often meets damages. That will result in you needing an annual budget for reconstruction and repairs.
  • Highly-Functional Space: While polyurea floors are an investment, you must consider having them installed in your most functional spaces. Here is why it has now become the most preferred garage floor coating. Mats and rubber carpets may provide the garage area protection from many damaging objects. But as time passes by and the more you use the space and expose it to grease, oil, and other hard chemicals, the coating materials will deteriorate.

More Benefits of the Polyurea Floor Coating Vs. Epoxy

Under its functions, the polyurea-polyaspartic floor coating has more reasons for you to use it. If it is the garage floors you need to upgrade and revamp, this coating material upgrades what epoxy can do., and even better?

Here are the notable benefits of the one-day garage floors.

  • Heat Flexibility:  Heat resistance is the main reason why more garage owners prefer to use polyurea coating for the floors. Compared to epoxy floors, the one-day coat can stand long exposure to heat. While the epoxy flooring remains polished looking even after tire tread marks, it will crack under heat pressure. Here is where the polyurea-polyaspartic shines. It can overcome the scorching surface and the warming surfaces of machinery and vehicles.
  • UV Ray Stable: Another benefit that comes with a heat flexible coating is that it is UV ray stable. Uv ray or the sun's rays brings damaging compounds to polymer materials. This is the number one consideration for epoxy floors. You can not entirely use epoxy that longs for outdoor floors. So, now polyurea floor coatings come to the rescue. What if you want to make your garage area the transition from your indoors to your outdoors? You can make more alternate designs to garages by having its two ends open. You can make an outdoor garage and never worry about it bathing under the sun.
  • Highly Slip Resistance: Imagine your epoxy floors as slip resistance. You can have that feature two times better with one-day floor coating. The aliphatic catalyst brings this enhanced feature. A downside which you often mistake about the polyurea coating. Because of the quick cure of the compound, it does not have half a self-levelling property that epoxy does. However, by combining polyurea with polyaspartic, the coating works longer in the open air. With this advanced tech, the installer can take time levelling the coating. 
As a result of these chemical interactions, the floor's surface gains more traction. A distinct texture emerges on the floor coated with polyurea making the garage flooring non-slip.