If your loved one has recently passed on, you might be the one tasked with funeral planning. Even though this can be sad, emotional, and overwhelming, it is something that needs to be done so you can honour their memory in one last way. By throwing the best and most respectful funeral that your loved one would have enjoyed and appreciated, you can pay homage to how they were as a person.

However, before you can begin your funeral planning process, you need to know the funeral planning rules per estate. If you are in Pennsylvania, the rules may differ from those if you live in rural Kentucky. Click here to see a few of the state guidelines that you should keep in mind when it comes to funeral planning or a loved one.

Funeral planning per state guidelines

Before you can host the best funeral that your loved one would enjoy and respect, you need to check the state regulations and guidelines for a funeral. Make sure that you keep in mind that you have legal rights and laws that can protect you - if someone says that you are not allowed to do something, but it is clearly stated in your state and federal rights, then you are allowed to. Make sure you follow and adhere to all rules when you are funeral planning.

When it comes to the federal law regarding funeral planning, the Federal Funeral Rule Law gives you the right to the following amenities for your funeral for your loved one:
  • You do not have to accept items that you do not want for your funeral (add-ons, extra items, flowers, etc.)
  • You can buy separate items online that you want to use with your funeral (i.e. caskets, decorations, etc.)
  • You can buy only the goods and services that you want
  • You will not be charged if you provide the casket
  • Funeral providers must use a casket or coffin that you bought online by yourself.
  • Buying a casket for sale is legal in every state.
You are automatically entitled to these options since all of these guidelines are acceptable under federal law via the Funeral Rule.

Here are a few examples of state guidelines that you may need to follow for your funeral planning:
  • California funeral rules - when it comes to funeral planning, the CA Department of Consumer Affairs - Cemetery and Funeral Bureau is in charge of the rules in California. The California state law is identical to the federal law when doing other goods and services or your funeral.
  • Alaska - The Department Of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development is in charge of the Alaska funeral planning. The Alaska state laws are the same as US Federal laws.
  • Delaware - the Delaware Board of Funeral Service is in charge of funeral planning, and the state laws require that a casket seller has a funeral license.
  • Florida - the Florida Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services is in charge of the funeral planning.


As you can see, different laws and regulations depend on the specific state in which you are planning a funeral. To make sure you comply with the rules and regulations - along with the Federal laws - be sure to check the federal and state laws about your specific state.