They may be cute and friendly at first, but squirrels can be a nuisance when they’re not dealt with immediately! Your yard is in trouble when these little critters fancy your garden and newly planted seeds.

They’re agile and adaptable animals that make them hard to get rid of. If they make their way inside your home, they will cause a lot of trouble and they will likely nest inside your home, especially in your attic.

Because they’re a part of the rodent family, they will chew on almost every object that they find interesting. This includes electrical wires, wood, paper, and food. There have been many instances when squirrels caused power outages by chewing on power lines.

If you’ve found that squirrels have gotten into your home, it is always best to seek professional advice and help from wildlife control specialists. For more information on how squirrels can be safely removed from homes, go to

These animals can damage your yard and house at a significant level! If they’re not dealt with quickly, they will cause a lot of problems that may cost a lot of money to fix! Luckily there are ways to keep them away from your home. Here are 7 ways to keep squirrels away from your home:

Get rid of any source of food and water

Squirrels will take advantage of any feeding contraptions like bird feeders. They love free food and water that are open for them to access without a struggle. By removing these sources, they will most likely move on and look for greener pastures!

Exclusion method

In this method, you will have to access your yard and home if there are possible entry points like through your fence or a broken wall. Fixing any holes in your roof, wall, or fence is important to keep squirrels from invading your home. Seal every entry point and prevent them from entering from the utility wires by putting a two-foot section of a 3-inch diameter of lightweight plastic pipes around the non-electrical wires.

Scare them away

Simply placing a figurine of their predators like owls, foxes, and bobcats is a great way to keep them away from your yard and home. Squirrels are terrified of their predators and they cower away instantly by just seeing their silhouette.

Use spicy or minty odours

Thanks to their great sense of smell, the smell of mint and spice will irritate squirrels and make them go away. Spraying a mixture of water and peppermint, garlic, or pepper around your garden will help to repel the squirrels from destroying your garden.

Do not feed them

Though they are adorable and friendly, directly feeding squirrels will cause them to hang around your home waiting for you to feed them again! Unless you want to take them in as actual pets, refrain from feeding squirrels.

Plant flowers that squirrels hate

Daffodils, lilies of the valley, geraniums, and Galanthus are some plants that squirrels hate because of their unpleasant smell. By planting them around your home, it will not only make your yard beautiful but also repels squirrels and other rodent-like creatures from entering your yard and home.

Sprinkle away!

Installing a sprinkler is a great way to prevent squirrels or any animals and intruders that are making their way inside your yard or home. The splash of water can be irritating and intimidating to them, so keep those sprinklers on!