Mobile payment solutions are becoming popular by the day. Considering that more than 80% of Americans own smartphones, it’s becoming a popular mode of payment. With the onset of the previous year’s happenings, more people and businesses use contactless payment methods to ensure their customers and employees are safe. That’s how the pandemic changed the payments industry. Now more people prefer to shop online because it is easy, hassle-free, and secure.

So if you have an eCommerce store and haven't integrated mobile payments into your business, it’s time to do so.

This article is for you if you already have a mobile payment platform but are still not seeing as much growth as you would like to improve your mobile payment system. Simply adding a mobile payment option to your business doesn’t work. You must also ensure that the payment process is as seamless and easy as possible to give your customers a better experience. The less time and effort your customers have to put in when paying for goods or services at checkout, the more likely they’ll finish the entire process and not abandon their cart midway.

Here are a few ways of how you can make your mobile payments more efficient in your business.

Provide numerous payment options

There are various types of mobile payments, and customers have their preferred choice. If you incorporate other mobile payment solutions in your business, you are likely to attract more customers. If a customer goes to your eCommerce store and buys some items or subscribes to a service you are offering, then during check out, their payment option is not available chances are you will lose the customer because they will abandon the purchase. This may make you lose sales too.

Customers want to avoid signing in to multiple websites with their details because more people focus on increasing their security and privacy online. Therefore, if a customer comes to your website and finds you offer their preferred payment solution, the chances of frequenting your site are very high.

So ensuring your site is compatible with countless payment solutions is beneficial for your business. A few examples of payment options you should include in your website are:
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Apple pay, Samsung pay or Google Pay
  • Debit cards and credit cards
  • Stripe and other mobile payment options

Please don't make your clients open accounts they don’t want to

When customers visit your website, please don’t make them open accounts forcefully, especially for first-timers. Some may be sceptical about giving their information. Yes, we know taking customer information is a great way to promote sales but let customers leave their details freely. Let customers first establish some trust with your brand, and then you can encourage them to open accounts once they are comfortable doing so.

Allowing guests to visit your site and checkout with no hassle will make them come to your site often, and maybe they will open an account. No one wants to visit a site for the first time, leave their details, have another password and username to remember and start getting numerous marketing emails.

Make it easy to checkout.

After customers have shopped from your eCommerce store, ensure that the checkout design is flawless. The reason most clients will abandon a cart at checkout is if your site is taking too long to load or if they don’t find a preferred payment option, or if they are a million things to fill out before the purchase process is over.

Some shoppers usually buy on a whim or impulse buying, so if you streamline the checkout process with no complicated steps also ensures they complete the sale process. Ensure that the vital information from the cart to checkout is visible with fewer steps.

Remember that some customers will browse with their mobile phones, go to their PC and return to their mobile when looking for something. We’ve all been there where you look for something on your smartphone then go back to the computer so that you can fill out the information been asked on the site. Ensure that the payment and checkout process is consistent on the mobile device and the computer. Consistency will offer a sense of familiarity with your brand, and the likelihood of having repeat clients is high.

Provide privacy and security guarantee to your customers

Nowadays, more and more people are wary about their security and privacy online. With the increase of credit card fraud and the like, you need to assure your customers that they are guaranteed safety when leaving their information on your site.

Constantly update your security protocols on your checkout page since it’s the most vulnerable area. If customers are satisfied with their safety, it will lead to more sales and returning customers. Other than improving the security on your checkout page, it is also essential to enhance the security of your payment processing software.

It’s also essential to ensure that they are protected when customers access your site with their mobile phones. You may have the security of your regular site, but your mobile site may be at risk because they don’t follow the usual fraud protection channels.

Use clear Call-To-Action (CTAs)

Even if you are getting hundreds or thousands of visitors to your site per day, if you don't use CTAs, they will never make it to the checkout page. Ensure you place your call to action clearly and strategically so that customers have a streamlined experience on your site. Ensure you inform them of the different payment options on your site, including mobile payments, so that as they browse through your site, they are sure if they need to buy something, they can pay for it instantly.

In summary, ensure that you improve your customers' experience on your site by including different mobile payment options. This increases conversion rates on your site. Provide your customers with security, streamline your checkout pages and use clear CTAs on your site. With these tips, you can attract more customers, increase user experience on your site with contactless payment solutions.