With the constantly growing number of installations of the different kinds of Mechanical Stokers, it is becoming more necessary to have specialized literature for each type.

Stoker fired boilers are categorized based on supplying fuel to the furnace and the kind of grate used in their operation. Below here is the list of the most common kinds of stokers:

Chain-grate or travelling-grate stoker

Spreader stoker boiler

In this section of the article, you will only learn about the chain grate stoker and the travelling grate stoker.

Working principle:

Coal is supplied in chain grate stoker and travelling grate stoker at one end of the shifting steel chain grating as grate travels down the length of the broiler oven, the carbon burns before it drops out as ash at the end. A certain degree of expertise is needed to guarantee clean burning with minimal unbranded carbon on the ash, especially when setting up the scrap, air dampers, and blisters.

The hopper for coal feed stretches along the full end of the furnace. A carbon grid is used to regulate the pace at which carbon is delivered into the stove and adjust the coal bed's thickness and the grid speed. Coal must be consistent in size since big lumps will not fully burn off when the grate ends. As the bed thickness decreases from the carbon feed end to the back end, more air is needed at the carbon feed end and less at the back.

Main features:

The following characteristics of a chain grate stoker boiler: excellent heat efficiency. When operating, it is safe and dependable. The chain grate stoker and travelling grate stoker have a good structure. Stoker boiler types may be categorized depending on the kind of fuel fed into the furnace and the manner of fuel feeding into the furnace. To categorize stoker boilers, they may be divided into chain-gate or travelling-gate stoker boiler and spreader-gate stoker boiler.

Customer’s buying guide and brand’s value:

When to choose a chain grate stoker and travelling grate stoker
  1. The low cost of capital is important
  2. Targeted are low operating and maintenance costs
  3. When a client is relying on the following circumstances to burn fuels
  4. Low temperatures in fuel for ash fusion
  5. The high fuel alkali content
The best thing to get this chain grate stoker and travelling grate stoker is that you will get high efficiency.

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