Are you looking for ways to increase organic traffic and generate leads for your website? Then, it is time to consider a new digital marketing strategy to maximize your online business's profits.

Affiliate marketing is a trending sales method in which publishers sell third-party products on their websites. Selecting the best affiliate network helps companies approach top merchant associate programs.

An affiliate network is a mediator between ad space sellers and online retailers. Read more to learn how these networks work and their benefits.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Statista, the US affiliate marketing spending will reach 8.2 billion US dollars by 2022, up from 5.4 billion recorded in 2017.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful performance-based online sales strategy leading e-commerce companies. It's advisable to research Top Affiliate Management Agencies and evaluate each agency based on their expertise, client reviews, and industry reputation before deciding.

A digital website can participate in multiple associate programs. Affiliates can earn commission fees by promoting different retailers and their products on their web pages or social media accounts. When sales are generated from their affiliate link, they get paid.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be categorized into three types.

Unattached Affiliate Marketing: In this marketing model, the publishing company needs to gain knowledge or command over the advertised product. They also need to gain the skills and expertise to guide users with any information related to their promoting service.

Related Affiliate Marketing: This advertising structure promotes third-party services and brands through a related affiliate. The publishing website has enough information about the products. It helps them to use the best advertising strategy to generate traffic and improve sales.

Involved Affiliate Marketing: In this online sales tactic, the affiliate can provide the most trusted source of information about the product. They have used the service and are confident selling them to online customers.

What are Affiliate Networks?

An affiliate network consists of a group of online affiliates like websites and digital publishers that help to promote third-party products and services.

Online publishers get access to numerous associate marketing programs through this network. They can join hands with retailers and promote their products and services on a commission basis.

The best affiliate network helps publishers earn around 25-30 percent commissions through associate programs. Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Lead (CPL) are the two most widely used associate program options in digital marketing.

Upon joining an affiliate network, the publisher gets a unique ID that helps track sales of each program advertised on their web page. Advertisers pay the publisher every time customers click on an associate link.

Benefits of Using an Affiliate Network

Publishers include bloggers and website owners who promote external products and brands through rented ad space on their web pages.

Here are some top affiliate marketing niches you can gain working as an affiliate.
  • It is the best digital marketing strategy for earning money. The business process doesn't require processing charges or investment.
  • It is a low-risk option, as you act as a middleman between a retailer and their online customers. Companies do not hire you with rigid guidelines to market their products.
  • It is one of the best ways to create brand awareness in the competitive business world. Promoting products and brands related to your business helps you connect with top companies and merchants. It helps to get more traffic and generate business through your website.
  • The best affiliate network also offers rewards and incentives through referral programs. You can sign up on an affiliate network and gain commissions faster.
  • Affiliate networks offer data analysis and reporting tools. These features allow publishers to track the progress of individual ads on their website, such as user views and clicks. This will enable them to improve their advertising methods to gain maximum conversion leads.
  • Publishing companies working with associate programs can quickly scale their business. Trusted visitors who buy third-party products from your site will help lure more customers by word of mouth.
  • Affiliate marketing does not require operation costs or a warehouse setup. It helps companies to act as salespeople in an e-commerce business model. They do not need to set up payment methods or stock products in a warehouse. The best affiliate network handles the payment and transaction process for zero charges.

Final Words

Choosing a good associate network is a challenging task for a publisher. It requires in-depth market research and an understanding of affiliate programs.

It is advisable to select the best network that offers a related customer base, a high commission rate, and an easy user interface.