Keeping track of your workload on school days, extra courses and weekend mismatches in the numerator and denominator can be difficult. If you have tried to keep a diary and write things down in a notebook, but it didn't work out, student apps designed specifically for this purpose will come to the rescue.

Smartphone and computer for innovative schedule management

If you still need tto organize your schedule independentlyt is worth taking advantage of modern gadgets. Why it's more convenient than writing it down in a diary:
  • Automation. If you have a regular schedule, it fills in by itself many days in advance.
  • You pick up your smartphone daily, and you won't miss event notifications.
  • Visibility. It's much more convenient to schedule if you can see the number of tasks each day, the occupied time, and everything else.
  • The ability to schedule exact times, including packing, driving, running errands, and getting ready for the next day.
In short, one plus. All that remains is to choose the exemplary service, of which there are now many.

What apps help you with your study schedule


One of the most popular applications for students. It allows you to create automatically filled schedules for school days and weekends; for example, mark CPM homework and save exam information in advance. All schedules can be published online and shared with other users. And it's also praised for its visibility - a handy task table, color choices for different subjects, and appearance customization to suit all tastes. The app is free and available on Android.


Very convenient scheduling service. Thanks to the weekly calendar, all the most important things are always in front of you. Tasks can be set deadlines, attached files, and subtasks. Notifications can be received directly via Telegram. You can invite classmates to keep a joint schedule. Available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.


It allows you to set up the schedule of classes and the time to gather, travel, do homework, and prepare for tomorrow. The app will enable you to plan your entire day down to the minute and automate the completion of schedules. TimeTune is indispensable for students who do a lot of extra studies, combine study with work, or do not want to forget about hobbies. The service is conditionally free, with ads and paid content, available on Android.

Weekly Planner

A handy and user-favourite task calendar that sends out to-do notifications. In addition, you can set goals to mark when they will be achieved. These features are even more critical in Weekly than the weekly schedule. You might need this for preparing for a session, writing a diploma and a term paper, but in normal times, you might not find the app as useful. It's available on all platforms and it's completely free.

Take With

In addition to the already familiar functions of calendar, tasks, and auto-filled schedule, there are other features: the application is able to save statistics, create subtasks, and save a list of related places and things. With it, you won't forget which building to go to, or what to take with you to classes. And there is also voice addition of tasks and synchronization with other devices - and even with the calendar from Google. The service is available on Android and is free, but there is paid content.


The app was created for high school students, but it's easy to adapt it for student life. Here you can set the schedule and duration of classes, mark the location of classes, and record homework. There are even theoretical materials and simple built-in features to facilitate study life, but they will be relevant except for first-year students. The app is free, ad-free, and available for Android.

Schedule for students

Almost the same, but for college students. You can create a schedule for several weeks, set the duration of the class, customize the weekends, add homework. All in all, a standard set of features for an educational diary app. The application for Android (iOS version is in development), free and with ads. On the plus side, there's a responsive team that responds to feedback and quickly adds updates that users ask for.

Exam Countdown Lite

An application that is designed specifically to prepare for the session. The main functionality - tracking time to all kinds of tests, exams, tests and exams. When you run the application, you can see at a glance which test is still a long way off, and which one you should start preparing for. The ideal result can be achieved if you simultaneously plan the remaining days in another application, taking into account the time necessary for preparation. The app is available on all platforms, free of charge, but there are ads and paid content.

Standard Windows 10 and macOS system calendars

Task calendars are built into the operating system. The Windows calendar is very simple - you can only assign events to the day and assign categories to them (this way you can adjust the evenness of the week, schedule tests, or assign homework in advance). The built-in macOS calendar has a bit more functionality - you can import notes and events from your email and Google calendar, mark a location with a mark on a map, and create events that last several days. But these are more like add-ons to full-fledged services than the main tool for creating a schedule.