Xoli Mfeka
- Xoli Mfeka is an adult film actor, Who has already had an impact in South Africa's entertainment industry. The young women have made it a career that she does the Adult movie's in order to make money off the internet.
- The actress has bagged a lot of money over the past year and she has actually explained in her interview with MacG on his podcast that she never knew she would make so much money off the internet.

In her recent photos Where she posted a photo of herself and said it was her birthday. The actress actually got a lot of people's attention with a single photo as everyone rushed in the comments section to praise her.

After she shared her photo one of the people who commented was a man who goes by the name of Nkanyezi Kubheka, He went on to say the following in the comments section, "Send me your numbers already.", And Xoli Mfeka went on to say, "Hayi Account Number?"

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