Imagine jamming to a playlist on Spotify, and boom, an advertisement plays and completely ruins the mood. Thankfully, Spotify premium has provided a way around that and has made the deal even sweeter, with its recent partnership with the short video-sharing app, TikTok. This offer is however only accessible to some of its users, rather than the general public.

Both TikTok and Spotify have their highest active users based in Europe (well over 30 per cent of Spotify's 356 million monthly active users and several millions of active TikTok users), and so TikTok has teamed up with Spotify to give back to its European users by offering them a free Spotify premium trial period of 4 months!

The Offer Has Different Terms

This offer is available to countless TikTok users with certain criteria that make them eligible, namely:
  • They must be residents of either the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, or Poland.
  • They must be at least 18 years old.
  • They must not have a Spotify account with a premium subscription.
In the details of the partnership, once the TikTok users have met the criteria above, they will receive a unique code, with which they will be able to enjoy the offer. The unique code can be found in a series of simple steps.
  • On the TikTok app, click on the profile icon with the tab 'Me'.
  • On the "Discover" or "For you" pages, the users just need to keep a lookout for the partnership offer and the unique code, and they are good to go.
Another way to get the unique code is to simply type "Spotify" into the search bar on TikTok, find the code, and enjoy.

Offer is Country Based

While this offer is bound to increase its popularity, TikTok has maintained that it will only be available to the users, based on their country. The partnership also comes in handy for users since the price for multiple subscription plans in Europe hit a new high earlier in the year.

In a statement on the partnership details, according to David Nunez, TikTok's head of growth for Europe, the partnership will help TikTok users have more immersive experiences and better enjoy the music offered by artists and singers that they have encountered while using the TikTok platform.

This partnership deal comes into play about seven months after a partnership with Apple Music, where TikTok users were also given a free trial period of 4 months by Apple Music.

These silver linings are welcome because while TikTok is making progress with this partnership and other deals it is offering its users, there are some fronts where it still faces issues. For one, after meeting with the Chinese regulators of TikTok, ByteDance decided to put its IPO plans with TikTok on indefinite hold. Also, the lawsuit Triller has made against TikTok continues to cause its own problems, as it is now being transferred to California from Texas.