Tholang Motsumi the transgender

Tholang Motsumi is a South African 30-year-old transgender who is well known for the reality show The Way Ngingakhona. They took people by storm when he first appeared on Tv, as people were surprised that a man can look this good. Tholang won a lot of people on social media because he was open about his journey as transgender, as it's one of the difficult things people normally do.
Tholang Motsumi
To people who don't know Tholang, Tholang is a transgender who was born a male. What's the meaning of a transgender? Transgender people have a gender identity. or gender expression that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. It's more like he was a male trapped in a female body.

Tholang has spoken about the challenges he had as a transgender when it comes to disclosing his situation to people his dating as when they approach him they approach a woman not knowing that he's a man.

Though she had challenges and difficulties disclosing the real him to people, the reality show might have made it easy for him because this made things simple for him as people started recognizing him from the show and this means it won't be hard for her, and it also made it simple for him to share his journey with his fans, as being on the reality show the way Ngingakhona has gained him so many followers as people where and still in love with his personality.

Since his open about being transgender, he decided to share his picture when he was a boy before being transgender alongside her father. ME AND DAD

A lot of people love Tholang and they would do anything to protect her, as we know that some people will try to make fun of him for once being a boy, they were not even given a chance but dealt with them quickly without any waste of time. You should know when people on social media defend you they love you for real, Tholang is loved.

Thank you Tholang for being this brave to share your journey with people.