Not Just a Home, But an Investment

Most new home buyers are too wrapped up in the journey of buying their first home. Thoughts of decorating and living in the house seem constant when purchasing a house. Searching for the right house takes time, and it is not guaranteed that you will get the place you want. But when you find and buy the house of your dreams, or your starter house, moving and furnishing the house is at the top of your list.

Second, on the list are making minor and major upgrades depending on time and budget. The complete renovation of a kitchen or bathroom may not be feasible if you need to move in immediately, but a coat of paint, changing the doorknobs, or adding elements and accessories featuring a particular aesthetic is doable. For example, adding or replacing interior sliding door hardware to get an industrial aesthetic to a more modern home can change the look of the home. But these upgrades aren’t enough if you decide to sell your house.

Selling a House

Everyone wants to be selling a house fast and for as much money as possible. But homeowners must realize that everyone’s taste in d├ęcor is different. Not everyone will like the aesthetic used to furnish the house. The easiest when to ensure a quick sale of the house is to decorate and furnish the house to appeal to as many home buyers. This is why some real estate agents suggest that homeowners use a staging company to stage a house that is on the market. Showing a staged house will increase the number of buyers that are willing to make an offer. However, showing a house to prospective buyers still takes time. A homeowner that needs to sell a house fast without staging has the option of selling to a company.

Why Staging Is Ideal for a Quick, Successful Sell

Staging a home requires that all of the personal property of the homeowner be removed. The room colour must be neutral. The furniture layout offers ease of access, and all clutter should be removed. This allows potential buyers to see themselves as the possible homeowner. Ideally, hiring a staging expert would be of great benefit. Hiring a staging company provides the expertise of a home stager with experience. Staging companies like Condo Staging Toronto, also have a selection of furniture that they can provide while a real estate agent is showing your house. However, not everyone has the capacity to hire a staging company, so here are a few staging tips.

Curb Appeal Matters

Start with the outside of the house. Make sure that the lawn is free of clutter. Remove any objects from view. The grass should be mowed and hedges clipped. The outside of the house should be clean and well-tended. Clean any grime that has accumulated on the siding and add a fresh coat of paint to the door.

Clear the Clutter

All rooms should be free from clutter. Decluttering not only helps to clean the house in preparation for moving, but it also makes the space seem larger. If you are still living in the house, remove as many personal items as you can. Depersonalize. Pack up the items that you don’t need and place them in storage. Keep the items that you do need, like clothes, hidden as much as possible in the closet. Organize and declutter the closet, so it looks its best. Don’t leave clothing lying about in rooms or the bathroom. Remove unneeded appliances from all rooms and always keep the rooms clean. Only keep the bare minimum of furniture to show the house. Go for a minimalist look regarding decorative items.

A Simple Facelift

Give any room that needs it a simple facelift with a coat of paint in a white or cream colour. This also goes for any cabinets that show wear. Change out outdated hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms and replace any outdated doorknobs.

Making some easy changes that require some cleaning, decluttering, painting, and furniture rearranging can have a significant impact when showing a house that is for sale. Investopedia has detailed the impact that staging a house can have on the number of offers a seller receives and the increase in price.