The primary objective of using Salesforce is to create a personalized buying journey for your customers and provide them with customized services at every stage. The CRM platform helps you keep a track of the specific needs and preferences of all your customers to approach them in the best way possible.

If you are willing to manage all the processes related to providing personalized services to your customers on a centralized platform, Salesforce Customer 360 helps you in doing so with utmost ease and efficiency.

What Is Salesforce Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 is a unified platform that helps Salesforce users connect with their customers across multiple platforms in a streamlined manner. It facilitates seamless internal collaboration by combining different Salesforce tools dealing with sales, marketing, IT, service, and IT. Customer 360 will allow the marketing department to help customers deliver a personalized experience across service, sales, and support. In addition to personalization, the customers’ choices will be recorded that will provide a clear picture of customers’ demands and expectations. Meeting customer demand will eventually lead to generating better sales. You can also use salesforce surveys to gather complete feedback of the customers. 

The platform helps customers create a universal customer profile and ID to track all the processes pertaining to specific customers. This ID and profile can be used by an organization across all Salesforce (and external) platforms. This data can be used by organizations to create seamless customer journeys and provide them with personalized services.

By using Salesforce Einstein, the AI component of Salesforce, Salesforce Customer 360 users can automate a range of repetitive processes and obtain valuable insights from the data stored within the system. Also, users can obtain real-time data analytics and interactive representations of data with the help of Tableau.

Salesforce Customer 360 Truth

In order to add to the existing features and services provided to the users, Salesforce introduced a portfolio of add-ons called Salesforce Customer 360 Truth. This portfolio is designed for the users that are willing to leverage the functionality of their CRM platform and make the most of Salesforce Customer 360.

Customer 360 Truth includes four major components to help users connect with their customers – Identity, Data Manager, Audiences, and Privacy Center.


As the name suggests, the Identity component of Customer 360 Truth allows users to create a single unified identity for every customer, employee, and partner across the board. It helps your organization in managing applications, data sharing activities, and users across different channels in a secure and private manner.

Through this component, users can maintain a single sign-on for all different users, customers, and employees pertaining to the organization. It also facilitates secure two-factor authentication that provides users with an additional layer of security and helps them prevent potential fraud. Further, it makes it easier for customers to log into the platform by signing in via social media platforms.

Data Manager

In 2021, almost every business process undertaken by an organization revolves around the effective management of data. It is, therefore, important for an organization to keep its database private and secure to ensure smooth business operations.

As the name suggests, this Customer 360 Truth component is a robust data management tool that helps users in reconciling data across different channels – including clouds, orgs, and third-party platforms.

Moreover, the data manager helps the sales and marketing teams to use the recorded customer data for providing personalized services to every customer catered to by the organization.


This is another important tool provided by Salesforce Customer 360 to the users, especially to the sales and support teams. It makes sense of the data collected by the Data Manager to create streamlined and personalized experiences for the customers. On the basis of the strings of contact with the customers, the tool allows users to create a dedicated audience to have a targeted approach towards providing services and/or support to the customers.

All these segments can be created and managed with the help of a low-code interface and tools with drag-and-drop functionality.

Privacy Center

Along with maintaining the security of the data stored and managed by an organization, it is important to provide utmost transparency and control to the customers over the data collected from them. Otherwise, you are likely to evoke a sense of mistrust amongst your customers. Privacy Center in Salesforce Customer 360 helps you avoid such issues from arising.

Privacy Center allows users to maintain the security and privacy of their database and providing utmost control to their customers to visualize the collected data and how it is utilized by the organization. While the organization will have the power to set and execute specific data retention policies internally, the tool helps you ensure the privacy, security, and transparency of the data collected from the customers.

Moreover, the tool helps users in getting rid of the datasets that are no longer needed or relevant for the organization. These datasets can be successfully archived in the Privacy Center. This allows organizations in keeping their database secure, private, crisp, and updated at all times.

Key Features Of Salesforce Customer 360

Here are some of the major features offered by Salesforce Customer 360 to organizations willing to leverage their connections with their customers:

  • The platform allows users to unify their data and manage consent
  • It facilitates seamless segmentation of the audience
  • It helps users keep a track of customer engagement
  • It facilitates AI optimization via Salesforce Einstein
  • It allows users to personalize their services and communication by creating unique customer profiles and IDs
  • It provides users with a simplified interface
  • It provides ease of operations via point-and-click tools
  • It helps sales and support teams in automating their business processes

New Salesforce Customer 360 Features To Look Out For

Here are some of the latest features offered by Salesforce Customer 360 you should know before implementing the platform within your organization:
  • Salesforce Blockchain features for every industry
  • Salesforce Developer 360 and advanced Release Management tools (Data Mask and Lightning Sandboxes)
  • Advanced security policies and improved connectivity (via Security Command Center and Private Connect)
  • Sustainability Cloud

The Final Word

As the final Salesforce Customer 360 review, we can say that the platform is designed to help organizations obtain a 360-degree view of their customers and provide them with personalized services. It allows marketing and sales reps to build customized buying journeys and be there for the customers at every stage.