Normal Playing Cards Scanning Camera is as thin as a normal-sized card and can be easily hidden using technology similar to optical illusions used in magic shows. The camera lens is embedded at the back of the image side. When you look at the front, it just looks like any other playing card.

The camera lens has to be in front of the card so that it can scan an image. To do this the camera lenses have a special coating applied so when light hits it rather than get reflected as you would expect, it gets absorbed into the chemicals in the film.

It means that when there's no light hitting your playing card camera it won't output a signal, this allows the camera to be used for long periods of time without getting discovered.

A Normal Playing Cards Scanning Camera can scan 2D barcodes while still giving you the ability to use your playing cards normally because there are no major changes to how they look or feel.

Normal Playing Cards Scanning Camera is top of the line and will give you great performance. They're the most expensive on the market but they're well worth it if you are looking for top quality products.

There's also another version which is called Double-sided Card Scanning Camera.

There are two cameras on both sides. The camera lenses are embedded at the back of the card, and their covers can be easily removed if needed.

The playing cards on the image side have no lens installed. It's a plain whiteboard. And the other side is obviously black. Those stand for double-sided cameras available for this type of playing cards scanning camera.

A double-sided card scanning camera can scan even 1D code barcodes while still keeping a dual function as normal playing cards. However, the price of a normal playing cards scanning camera is much cheaper than that of double-sided card scanning cameras.

Nevertheless, with the same specification, normal playing cards scanning cameras are more expensive than that of a stand-alone camera.

If you still do not know which one to choose, here is the suggestion for you.

If you often use your playing card to scan 1D code barcodes, the double-sided camera is for you. For those who want to use their playing cards as normal cards, or only need to scan 2D code barcodes, normal cameras are at service.

However, more and more people choose the Normal Playing Cards Scanning Camera to replace the stand-alone cameras in their daily life.

Invisible Marked cards Contact Lenses For Playing Cards

Next in the line of products from Scanning Camera is Invisible Ink Contact Lenses.

As you know, contact lenses are thin pieces of transparent material that can be placed directly on your eyes for corrective vision or a variety of other purposes.

It has a specially designed curvature and surface to focus light onto the retina at a particular distance with or without power assistance. Invisible Ink Contact Lenses are specially designed to be used for playing card scanning.

Its materials and special shape provide a multitude of applications in the world of card magic. They're not only suitable for poker, but also can be applied in other games such as blackjack or pai gow poker. The following is an introduction:

There are two kinds of Invisible Ink Contact Lenses: standard and special ones. They're alike in form but different in function.

The standard one can be easily replaced by an ordinary contact lens when no longer use and the special one is a contact lens that cannot be removed after it's been put on the eyes. Normal Invisible Ink Contact Lenses can be used for a long time, but the special one can only be used for a single day.

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses are mainly composed of invisible ink and contact lenses base materials. They have no harm to the human body in any way.

But it is suggested that you should not put them on eyes if your astigmatism is above 4.0D or if you're a myope with a -3.00 D prescription in the following situation:

1) If your eyes have large curvature or keratoconus occurs, and

2) If there's scarring on the cornea caused by surgery. Because contact lenses cannot be placed directly on scars on the cornea, the Invisible Ink Contact Lenses are not suitable for you.

If your eyes can be put in contact lenses and no symptoms above occurred, congratulations! You will enjoy a whole new look at playing cards with the help of these lenses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT PUT INVISIBLE INK CONTACT LENSES DIRECTLY ON YOUR EYE. You must first use a contact lens holding solution to prepare the lens for your use, otherwise, it's easy to cause eye infections and even damage your eyes.

Furthermore, if you're allergic to contact lenses or have a skin disease that will be aggravated by touching with moisturizing materials, DO NOT use Invisible Ink Contact Lenses.

Scanning Camera Now Has Two Kinds Of Invisible Ink Cards!

Another hot product from Scanning Camera is Invisible Ink cards. They're based on the contact lens, and they have many functions in the card magic field. The most important function of this kind of card is that it makes your playing card a secret spy tool to scan any 1D or 2D barcodes.

You know, it's difficult to find a card capable of scanning the code in public places like supermarkets and airports. The invisible ink cards also have other functions:

You can use them to copy certain information from your original playing cards such as CD secret key, bank account number, PIN code, and ID number, etc. You can also use them to scan a barcode of 1D or 2D on the packaging label of the goods you want to buy.

They're made with real paper materials, and therefore unseen by naked eyes. Invisible Ink cards are not easily damaged by water (in comparison with a normal contact lens). It can be used for a long time, and it can be re-implemented after being found.

Invisible Ink cards are designed with an invisible ink pattern that is placed on the back of your original playing card in such a way that the contact lens can scan them by focusing light onto the code through this invisible ink layer.